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Tips to Avoid Event Horror Stories

Tips to Avoid Event Horror Stories

You don’t want any event horror stories to come your way. So, we’ve put together a list of tips to scare away the ghosts and goblins to ensure that your event doesn’t become a terrifying ordeal.

Scare Off Mayhem

Organizing and executing an event takes lots of detailed planning.  Your event’s success is in executing the details. In order to avoid mayhem, check out our favorite event planning ideas and tips to help make your event memorable. 

Don’t be Afraid of Contract Negotiations

When planning an event, experienced planners know that audiovisual is a big part of the budget. Don’t be afraid – discover 5 ways to negotiate your best event technology contract (ever).

Ghostly Gatherings

Putting together a meaningful, people-centric experience at gatherings is critical to its success. Explore the five pillars and specific ideas for creating a purposeful meeting.

ROI Hocus Pocus

Recent survey results indicate that event technology can help businesses track event performance. Understand the hocus pocus of return on investment and how early adopters of event technology experience better ROI.

Trick or Treat

Microsoft Surface Go

Not sure if the most recent addition to the Surface collection, the Go, is right for your organization. Discover the pros and cons of the Surface Go tablet and if this mobile workstation makes sense for your business and your staff.

Apple iPhone

Apple announced 3 new iPhones last month. Is it time for your business to upgrade? Learn how these new Apple phones are different from each other and find out which one is best for your employees and your organization.

Microsoft Office 2019

Is the latest software upgrade, Office 2019 by Microsoft, still relevant?  Learn the ins and outs of this non-cloud software update and what it means to your business.

Happy Halloween from Hartford Technology Rental

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Avoid the horror at your event by contacting Hartford Technology Rental at 888-520-5667. Learn how our rental products and services can help your event be memorable and successful. Now, that should be enough to scare off the ghosts and goblins!