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Think In-House AV is Your Only Option? Think Again!

Think In-House AV is Your Only Option? Think Again!

Most meeting planners, when presented with an event contract, are told they need go with the in-house AV provider. Or they have a choice between Vendor A, B or C.

But the truth of the matter is you have choices; and while a preferred, in-house vendor can sometimes meet your needs, often it is the outside organization that has more options and experience managing conferences and meetings of your type and size.

So, before you sign on the dotted line, check out the following food-for-thought when selecting your audio visual rental company.

Five Factors to Consider

Service Charges

An in-house provider can tack on a 20%+ service charge to your bill. This can be a surprise to a planner who is not expecting it and can have a hefty impact on the budget as well. Outside providers do not issue this charge, as the fees are negotiated upon contract signature and do not waiver unless equipment is added or service requirements are increased.

Multi- or Single Event Management

If you choose the in-house provider, they may be running many other events at the same time as yours. If you have an immediate need, you may wait several minutes for a technician to show up.

Independent vendors dedicate a person or team to your event and are there from start to finish, providing the right solution on a real-time basis.

Latest Technology

In house providers often keep the same, limited technology options for 3-5 years. Since storage is usually at a premium, they can only provide you with the basic options.

On the other hand, outside vendors keep up with the times. As meeting planners ask for virtual reality and 360 camera rentals, you want to work with a company that can keep up with your attendee and exhibitor needs.

Last Minute Changes

As they say, the best made plans of mice and men…. Even with great communication to your vendor, sometimes things fall through the cracks. If the onsite AV team has all their equipment parceled out to other groups in the venue, you are out of luck. However, an outside vendor usually carries equipment in their truck for onsite emergencies or can call the home office and ask for someone to deliver the needed equipment…pronto!

Other Considerations

Here are five additional questions to ask each provider:

  1. How many events of this type have you produced before?
  2. What is the certification level of each of your technicians?
  3. How long has your AV team been in place? What is the average turnover rate?
  4. How often do you turn your inventory?
  5. Does your team have designer capabilities for creativity with lighting, sound and staging?

All of these answers, plus the items listed above, should help determine which choice is best for your organization and why.

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