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The Many Benefits of Desktop Streaming

The Many Benefits of Desktop Streaming

Imagine that you are in charge of all the software updates for the hundreds of desktop or laptop systems at your company. This requires deployment of your staff to update each computer individually as new software and apps arrive. In addition to being a major time burner, there is inherent risk in this process, depending on the skills of the IT staff and what each employee has on their computer. There must be a better way!

Rest assured, there is. On-demand desktop steaming allows you to have a single software image and stream it to all the computers at your company at the same time. You install the software once on the master server and when you reboot their computer, they will receive the updated software.

In addition, if you must revert to previous versions of software, you can do so with another simple change and reboot. This way if you upgraded to a new version of software too early, your organization has a safety mechanism to go back without impacting the productivity of your IT staff or inconveniencing your employees.

How Desktop Streaming Works

A streaming system usually requires two server rentals with high amounts of memory. The target devices (downstream) are in essence Virtual Machines (VMs) where they are controlled and rebooted from the network. In other words, the server controls the VMs.

In addition, when the operating system is updated, a group of applications can also be installed or updated at the same time.

Examples of Streaming In Use

Other than traditional enterprise applications (i.e. moving from Windows 8 to 10), here are the other places desktop streaming makes sense:

  • Large training events, where all individuals from the company, suppliers, and/or clients need to receive the information at the same time. This can work well with both local and virtual users.

  • Legal projects that require massive documentation review.

  • New product development where review of multiple presentations, video, and documents at the same time are key to effective brainstorming.

  • Benefits of Desktop Streaming

    Desktop streaming rental provides many advantages both from a time and dollar consideration:

    1. Storage reduction.
      Because all the machines are virtual, the memory and storage options on each desktop can be minimal. This can have a positive impact on the budget, as you can now standardize on low-cost units.

    2. Only one disk image.
      Even if multiple servers are used, the administrator only has to apply changes and updates to one image, thus saving a lot of time and any future headaches down the road.

    3. Increased security.
      With a centralized software system, rogue software on a user’s computer can be monitored and eliminated, thus creating a homogeneous computer environment.

    4. More agility.
      Rather than waiting weeks for software updates, the IT staff can deliver updates and apps when they are needed because controls and processes are already in place.

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