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The iPad 2 is here. Now what?

The iPad 2 is here. Now what?

Look for 2011 to be the “Year of the Tablet.” We rent iPad Gen 1 models and iPad 2 and offer Samsung Galaxy rentals. Almost every manufacturer that you’ve ever heard of, and some you probably haven’t, will be launching a Tablet PC in 2011.

The first thing you will have to decide is what OS best suits your needs. The choices will soon be nearly overwhelming. There is Android, Windows and Apple’s OS. Other considerations like screen size and resolution will be important. Is a memory card important to you? Or how about the ability to play Flash? What about the camera? There are many things to consider before you make a decision.

But once you have made a choice, what can you really do with a Tablet PC? Is it an expensive (but very cool) toy? Or are there true business applications which you can access to increase your productivity and prestige in the marketplace?

The reality is that we truly are at the beginning of a PC revolution. Most Tablet PCs allow you to either replicate or access almost everything on your existing desktop or laptop with the benefit of decreased size and increased mobility.

In a meeting environment, a Tablet PC can replace the paper handouts that most attendees discard without even reviewing. Imagine the savings of printing up your brochures and other handouts. On top of that, in these days of outrageous gas prices, there is an added and tangible savings to you on shipping printed collateral to a meeting. Often times this printed matter is customized and used only for a specific meeting. Electronic handouts, schedules, informational links and even reference materials can be shared on Tablets and even cell phones. This is the future and the true market leaders are already embracing this technology.

Another very interesting application of this new technology is in your trade show booth or exhibit. When you spend thousands of dollars for a prime piece of real estate in your industry’s largest annual gathering, are you really going to send your sales and marketing folks out with brochures? It is very easy to put together some cool PDF’s that your people can email on the spot to interested prospects. You can also inexpensively and quickly create some tools that will allow your onsite executives to professionally engage anyone who stops in your booth and then capture their crucial contact information.

2011 is already an exciting year for technology in general and Tablets specifically. The real question is: Are you ready?

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