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The Ins and Outs of Cell Phone Charging Stations

The Ins and Outs of Cell Phone Charging Stations

With approximately 80% of the U.S. population owning smartphones and becoming very dependent on them, is it any wonder that cell phone charging stations are in high demand? The worst thing that can happen to trade show operators, hotel managers or small retail owners is that their patrons’ cell phones begin to die causing those precious guests to leave your conference or establishment early to recharge their phone in the car, office or at home.

Today, let’s focus on the types of environments cell phone charging station rentals that make the most sense, how they work and the benefits of installing this device at your association conference. trade show exhibitor booth or corporate event.

Type of Environments

These chargers are ideal for public places that are highly visible to your attendees and guests. The following scenarios are the most popular situations:

  • Conferences and Trade Shows
  • Retail Stores
  • Hotel and Resort Lobbies
  • Restaurants that have Meeting Space
  • Shopping Malls

How the Cell Phone Charging Kiosk Works

Hartford Technology Rental offers a cell phone charging station kiosk that has six charging chambers within each unit, with a lock for each chamber, which is equipped with a blue light that will indicate to the user when their phone is fully charged. Once the charge is complete, the user comes back and unlocks the unit and retrieves their phone, leaving the key in place for the next customer.

The Benefits of Renting a Phone Charging Kiosk

  1. You can customize the kiosk.
    While the customer, prospect or attendee is close in hand, they can have a visual reminder of your company by prominently displaying your logo and product information through digital signage on the kiosk itself. Most individuals will spend 7-15 minutes recharging their phone and won’t leave it out of their site. Why not take those precious moments to reinforce your brand?
  2. Attendees will flock to your booth or business.
    Once attendees know where the phone charging stations are, they will make it a point to come to your trade show booth or conference floor area. At your booth, you will have a captive audience to explore their business needs, gather feedback and find out if they are or are not a good prospect for your business.
  3. The units are fully encrypted.
    These kiosks are PCI certified with end-to-end encryption and never access any data on the user’s phone. This will give you and the user total peace of mind.
  4. You can make money.
    If you are a 24/7 operation such as a hotel or retail location, why not charge for the charge? As long as it is a reasonable fee, individuals will pay to have their phone recharged rather than risk a dead battery or cut their plans short to return home or head back to the hotel to charge their phones.

Hartford Technology Rental Has Phone Charging Kiosks

Do you want to bring this valuable service to your customers or attendees, but don’t want the responsibility of having to manage it? Our company allows hands-off service because we manage the setup, technical support and collection of these units at the end of your rental.

When you are ready to rent a cell phone charging kiosk that features secure smartphone charging chambers, contact us at 888.520.5667!