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The Ins and Outs of 3D 360 Video Cameras

The Ins and Outs of 3D 360 Video Cameras

You may be familiar with 360 camera technology and even explored the use of panoramic photography for your business. Fast forward to today and your 360 options include video 3D capability using Virtual Reality rentals. There are some serious players in this field including Facebook, Kodak, and GoPro.

But what is the business applicability of these cameras? How will this camera help express your idea, product or service in a novel way? If you are not too familiar with 360 video camera, let’s further explore this technology and learn how it can benefit your business.

What is 3D 360 Video Camera?

Stereoscopic video cameras have a Virtual Reality (VR) element to them by creating a 3D rendering of a 360-degree shot using a separate input for each camera eye. This type of immersive content can be shot and viewed in 360 with a VR headset.

What are Good Uses of This Technology?

Product Launches

Any new technological announcement is a good use for this rental option. The FFZero1 concept car was recently introduced to the marketplace in conjunction with a 360 video.

“Using the most current technology on the market to show off new technology — that’s a match,” said Ben Hordell, a founding partner at DXagency, a digital marketing agency.

Showcasing Properties

If you are in the hospitality business, showcasing your venue through photos and flat videos cannot always paint an adequate picture of your destination. Or if you are a business owner trying to recruit employees from outside your region, your website may not be enough.

A 360 video creates an experience for the viewing audience and allows them to feel like they are onsite at your hotel or taking a tour of your corporation.

New Construction

Imagine being able to show city officials, investors, and potential tenants a 3D overview of the property you want to build on, overlaid with a 360-architectural drawing? This technology allows you the opportunity to share your vision without having to explain boring drawings and documents.

Event Marketing

Ever try and explain to someone what it was like to be at an event or on the trade show floor? Using 360 technologies you can record what is happening at the event and upload it to Facebook and YouTube.

Entertainment and News Industry

This technology can take the viewing audience to a whole new level. Coupled with VR, the audience member can feel like they are immersed in the story rather than just watching it.

Which Camera is Best?

This depends on what you are trying to accomplish and how sophisticated the end product needs to be. These cameras range from the simple (>Kodak PixPro) to the sophisticated (Nokia Ozo). The questions you need to ask are as follows:

  1. What is the purpose?
  2. Who is going to watch this video?
  3. What resolution is required? (When you upload it to social channels, the resolution decreases.)
  4. Do you have the editing staff available to stitch the video together?
  5. Where will it live after it is produced and how will it be used?

Hartford Technology Rental Has 360 Cameras

With five different brands of video cameras, Hartford Technology Rental is ready to help you select the right 360 camera rental for your organization. Give us a call at 888.520.5667 to speak with one of our experienced technical representatives and learn more about this offering!