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The Five W’s That Help Address Technological Change

The Five W’s That Help Address Technological Change

Whether you are changing out old desktop computers or replacing a longstanding paper system, it’s important to go through a justification process for management. While it is vital to gain their approval, you also want to appease users who have been complaining about their systems for months or possibly years.

Below is a good set of questions you should seek to answer before issuing a RFP or interviewing potential supply vendors when upgrading technology.

The 5 W’s for Technology Change

  1. Why change?
    The answer can be as simple as the hardware no longer supports the current operating system, leaving your company susceptible to cyberattacks. Or the hardware is constantly breaking down. Or your application doesn’t meet current regulation guidelines.

    Remember to include a competitive analysis. If you don’t implement new technology, will your company be uncompetitive in the marketplace?

    Whatever the reasons, be sure to document them. Include a cybersecurity assessment report on system vulnerabilities, lost productivity due to down computers or possible fines if regulation standards are not met. Lastly, determine how uncompetitive the company will remain the longer they put off this upgrade decision.

  2. What is going to improve and by how much?
    Perhaps your company still takes telephone orders complete with paper processing. By implementing an ecommerce system, the client can have an all-inclusive ordering progression via your website. Time to ship an order goes from a few hours to a few minutes. Think of how many more clients your company can attract by these gains.
    Compare the old way metrics to the new ones. Be sure to upgrade your server rentals in the process as you will have more demand on existing computer systems and bandwidth.
  3. Who will be impacted?
    If this is change users have asked for, they will welcome it. If it isn’t, beware of some resistance. The best way to move forward is to offer training sessions that not only educate users on new functionalities but also sell them on the benefits.
  4. When will you implement?
    This often depends on the start of the fiscal year or remaining departmental funds. If you need the technology right away but don’t have the capital outlay to purchase the equipment, the corporate computer rental program can be the right short-term fix.
  5. Where will you see the most improvement?
    If you have multiple projects and departments, start with the ones that give you the largest ROI. This will provide two things simultaneously; allow you to address the biggest issue first and show the quickest return on investment dollars quickly.  

As you collect answers, you will have a useful document for the next step. Look into the three Rs: references, reviews and RFP. Based on client feedback, send proposals to only reputable suppliers.

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