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The Dos and Don’ts of Managing a Company Crisis

The Dos and Don’ts of Managing a Company Crisis

A large number of companies are in hot water lately; from the FBI allegations that Uber drivers are spying on Lyft drivers and “stealing” their rides to the Equifax cyber breach of 143 million individuals’ personal information. Since anyone can disburse information instantaneously through a click of a smartphone, it is critical for business leaders to react quickly and have the proper tools in place to manage any crisis effectively.

5 Dos and Don’ts for Managing a Crisis

DO convene the right people immediately.
It is important to gather the PR team in the war room as soon as possible. This usually includes C-Level executives, attorneys and the entire communications department. They need to hammer through the situation as they know it and develop an outline for the initial media statement. This group should be small, work well together and very trustworthy.

In addition to having a comfortable seating, it is important to have at least two large monitor rentals in the room, one for watching the news and the other to bring in remote attendees and/or display the action plan. Assign one individual to take notes about what information still needs to be located and who is responsible for obtaining it.

DON’T leave any stone unturned to find the source of the crisis.
Look at internal emails, employee social accounts (including Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Glassdoor) as well as external information to understand exactly where the crisis started, and who was or is involved in it. Look for trending information and sources and report back to the crisis team on an hourly basis.

DO say something early on.
Often when investigations are occurring, leadership wants to lay low until they have all the facts. This is the worst thing to do as the pubic and employees alike will likely spread rumors until the truth is unraveled.

Most crisis PR companies recommend you say three statements to the media:

  1. Acknowledge the problem
  2. Tell them you are working on a solution and
  3. Let them know when the next update will be.

DON’T ignore your employees.
In addition to the media, be sure to keep your employees informed. In fact, tell them first or invite them to attend, watch or listen to the press conference as the news is unrolling. Let employees know who is on the crisis team and give them an anonymous hotline to report anything they may know about it.

DO consider obtaining outside help.
From engaging a tech rental company for stocking your war room to hiring a crisis communication agency, it is important to have the right tools on hand and the “know how” available at the moment the crisis emerges.

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