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The Best Ways to Introduce Gamification into Your Meeting

The Best Ways to Introduce Gamification into Your Meeting

Points. Badges. Rewards. Leaderboards. These are the incentives that make people want to play games. If you haven’t added this element into your event to date, this is the perfect time to try it.

Keep in mind the average video gamer is a 35 year old male, which means if your audience consists of this demographic, gaming will be most welcomed. That’s not to say the remaining population won’t accept it. However, it still needs to be positioned properly.

Before introducing gaming into your program, answer these seven questions. Still receiving resistance? Present the benefits of gamification as listed below.  

Seven Key Questions Regarding Gamification

  1. What part of the event will be gamified?
    Be specific when and where the game is to be played. Make it a reasonable period, but don’t take up the entire day.
  2. What are their expectations?
    Making the game too simple will bore attendees and too complex will frustrate them. Pilot the app before rolling it out to your convention participants.
  3. Why will attendees want to play?
    Here are two examples:

    1. Employees can gain points for answering questions correctly during a training program.
    2. For a launch, the game unlocks more product specifics for your sales representatives.

    Come up with your own reasons and validate them during the pilot phase.

  1. Are you going to use an off-the-shelf app or write one specific for the event?
    Customized apps will take time and money to develop. They require a much longer development and testing cycle, but you will get a gaming system that encapsulates your goals.

    The two advantages of a non-customized app is the proven adaptability among participants and the analytics within it, which can help the measure the overall adoption rate and specific gaming behaviors.

  2. What technology are you planning on using?
    Smartphones and iPad or tablet rentals are the preferred tools of choice because they are light, portable, have long battery lives and can support a plethora of apps.
  3. Do you want to monetize it?
    Is it important to sell sponsorships and/or drive more traffic to exhibitors? If so, you can integrate them into the customized app. Make sure you limit the number of ads so it doesn’t detract from the game’s intention.
  4. What kind of prizes are you offering?
    The prizes need to be good enough to get attendees excited to play. If you aren’t sure what works, ask them. It might be a digital assistant, one day paid vacation, peer recognition or just being on the top of the leader board. Find out what they want and plan accordingly.

Key Gamification Benefits

  1. Helps create better relationships with attendees because they interact in a fun, meaningful way.
    Participants can form small teams, map out a strategy to move through the game and work toward winning the grand prize.
  2. Improves audience retention.
    BlurbIQ found nine times more interaction and 95% better retention when attendees played games versus those who didn’t.
  3. Deloitte uses gamification to regularly train employees and has found gamified programs take 50% less time to complete than non-gamified meetings.
  4. Participants are willing to take bigger risks when playing a game which leads to deeper learning and brainstorming.
  5. Planners can test and optimize ways to integrate gamification in future events.
    In net: feedback is your friend.

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