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Testing 1-2-3…Getting Great Sound at Meetings

Testing 1-2-3…Getting Great Sound at Meetings

Have you ever been to a meeting, watched a new product launch video or live streamed a conference session and the mic cuts in and out, the sound went off completely or lips were moving but sound was delayed a second or two? Believe it or not, these things can be so distracting that people will leave a meeting or presentation, or find something else to do like checking emails on their smartphones.

These are just flukes, right? Wrong! While anything can happen with technology, it is highly unlikely that with proper planning a good sound system will fail. Take into account the steps listed below and your meeting will get great sound and go off without a hitch.

6 Steps to Great Sound at a Meeting

  1. Involve Your Audiovisual Rental Company In The Site Selection Process.

    You found this swanky new venue to hold your meeting but guess what? The ceilings are too high and the room shape is difficult to wire for sound. So before you sign any venue contract, have your audiovisual rental company assign an AV technician to go with you on the site visit to ensure you made the right choice.

  2. Share Your Budget Guidelines.

    While there are many wonderful technology advances in sound, your budget will most likely dictate which equipment will be used onsite. Always ask for the advice and suggestions of your technical representative. If what you want is just out of your budget’s reach, perhaps you can ask management for an increase or obtain an additional sponsor.

  3. Spend Time Choosing The Right Microphone Rentals.

    Where will the presenters be? Behind a podium, on a panel or roaming the room? What do they need — wired, wireless or lavaliere mics? Don’t assume that every session and presenter requires the same sound system. Go with the best configuration for the room and based on the needs of the presenter during the session.

  4. Once Microphone Selection is Made, Inform the Presenters in Writing.

    If you decide on lavaliere mics, inform your presenters to wear a suit, sports coat or button down shirt where the lavaliere can easily be attached. T-shirts, sweaters and dresses do not work well. Remind presenters 2-3 days before the session about what to wear to assure they dress accordingly.

  5. Spend Enough Time on Testing.

    When hiring your technology company, make certain that you have enough time dedicated to testing the sound system rental before the presenter goes on. Most presenters and planners alike, assume the sound system will always work perfectly. But when the mic cuts in and out or the sound system fails all together, it is often due to last minute rushing.

    Have your presenters arrive at least one hour ahead of time and have them test all their presentation particulars with the tech staff including sound checks, lighting and presentation timing.

  6. Keep the Technician Onsite.

    Yes it may cost you a bit more, but do you really want to be dialing an 800 number when the amp starts buzzing or the sound from the laptop rental doesn’t work properly?

    Monitoring the sound constantly helps usurp any issues that can arise over time. Spend the extra money, it will be worth it.

Remember this — in the absence of sound — attendees will do something else. You have a few minutes to fix a sound issue. Beyond that, individuals will turn to their mobile devices, chat with others or leave the session all together. Sound is more important than any other audiovisual element, it trumps viewing a PowerPoint presentation or watching a video. Without sound, nothing makes sense.

Hartford Technology Rental Understand the Importance of Great Sound

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