Technology Trends & Event Industry Forecast for 2017

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Technology Trends & Event Industry Forecast for 2017 | HTR

We are ringing in the New Year in a couple of days, now is the time to look into the future. Get our predictions on technology we like, the latest technology trends and industry forecasts expected in 2017.

2017 Event Tech Trends

Explore the key event technology trends to watch for in 2017 and what it means for events and event planning.

Meeting Industry Forecast

What lies ahead for meeting planners in 2017? Examine the 2017 meeting industry forecast and see how its findings paint a bright year for planners.

Meeting Must-Haves

Millennials have had a significant impact on the structure of today’s meeting. Discover five meeting “must-haves” for today and beyond; plus, the technology rentals needed to support it.

Cell Phone Charging Station Rental

Are you looking to provide a unique solution to your attendees at your event in 2017? Learn the ins and outs of cell phone charging stations from how they work to their benefits for your event, your sponsors, and attendees.

Cloud Video Technology

Video is the medium of choice for companies to convey their message but, how do you analyze the data for audience insights? Learn about cloud video technology, its benefits and how this trend can help your business.

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