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Technology Rental Solutions Built for You

Technology Rental Solutions Built for You

As our tag line suggests “Not Just Equipment”, Hartford Technology Rental does much more than that. In fact, a lot of our time is spent working with clients in putting together a solution for their next project or event. Today, I’d like to spotlight one of our clients who recently came to us with the need for a solution.

Event Services Client Needs Help
This client services well over 1,200 events across the country annually and provide software and professional services for events that includes; event management, ticketing, payments and more. For their larger events, the client provides onsite support staff and technology equipment. They recognized a growing need for smaller clients whose budget for a full-scale team is out of the question. Wanting to attract this market, the client wanted to create a mobile “do-it-yourself” kit that could be sent to their customers at a more budget-friendly price.

Client Problem
We had to create a solution that could handle both the management and payment processing aspects of an event. Since the typical event they serve lasts only one day, we had to consider the following factors:

  • Self-contained kits
  • Easy to setup
  • Easy to un-pack and re-pack for return
  • Designed with redundancies
  • Light and easy to maneuver
  • Priced to fit their budget

Technology Solution
In reviewing the problem, we based our solution on a similar one we used for a law firm who had a data collection project where they had teams of lawyers traveling the country to collect data for a large trial. We broke the solution down into two aspects; event management and payment processing. We understood that there would be times where multiple payment kits would be need and other times, only an event management kit would be needed.

Technology Rental Solutions Build for You | HTR

Once we determined the equipment required for each kit, we relied on our experience in the event planning business to define what challenges/issues the client might run into and included redundancies into the kits:

  • Laptops – We chose to use reliable ThinkPad laptops with a custom image installed and everything configured. Included was a backup image installed on the hard drive to safeguard the client in case of file corruption. This would allow the client to re-image a laptop onsite in less than 15 minutes.
  • Internet Access– For the event to go off without a hitch, a reliable Internet connection was a must especially since it was a one-day event. As added insurance, we included a Cradle Point router along with a Verizon 4G modem that the client could plug into the venue’s network. The routers were set to use the venue’s Internet as the primary connection but automatically switch over to the Verizon modem should a disruption or outage occur.
  • Wireless / Wired Network – The equipment was configured for both wireless and, as a backup, wired network with cables included.
  • Consumables – Each kit had to have more than enough consumables to cover the most demanding event including spare paper and toner.

Technology Kit Packaging
Technology Rental Solutions Build for You | HTRFor packaging, we wanted something that was easy to ship, un-pack /re-pack, would be very mobile and keep the contents protected even from the roughest shipping handlers. We decided to use the tried and true Pelican cases which we’ve found to work very well in a variety of scenarios.

To distinguish between the two different types of kits, we used green cases for payment and tan for HQ making it a little easier to know what’s in each case. We custom cut the foam in the cases to ensure everything was properly padded and would be easier for the customer to re-pack.

To ensure a smooth execution on-site, we include an information packet with quick setup guides, picture instructions and return FedEx labels.  On the outside of the packet, we provided a picture listing the inventory of the kit and a visual aid for the re-pack.

Hartford Technology Rental has a Satisfied Client

In the end, we created a technology rental solution that the event services client found to be comprehensive and within their budgeted price point. It was a big hit with their sales team and provided a substantial increase to their bottom line! And with us managing the kits for them, they were free to focus on what they do best – servicing their clients.

Are you in need of a solution for a project you’re working on and want another set of eyes reviewing it? Give us a call at 888-520-5667 or contact us online. We’ve got a creative team here with a lot of experience and would love to put it to work for you.