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Technology Checklist for Political Campaign

Technology Checklist for Political Campaign

Arm Your Staff with the Right Tools

With Iowa squarely behind the presidential candidates and New Hampshire on the horizon, the national spotlight for the November election is starting to heat up.

Whether you are working on a national, state or local election, the use of the proper technology for your staff and volunteers will make their job that much easier when it comes to convincing the person to whom they are speaking to vote for their candidate.

Follow these tips on ways to use technology to help campaign staff and volunteers along.

Top 7 Technology Tips

7. Make sure your candidate’s website is mobile friendly.
If you have to spend a little money on programming, do so to make sure the candidate’s website is device responsive, has all the social icons present and can capture email addresses for your newsletter and further correspondence.

6. Spend time on training.
Once you have staffing and volunteers identified, train them on the equipment they will be using and the procedures when going door-to-door. Make sure they are comfortable with the technology before they leave the training session.

5. Arm door-to-door volunteers with iPad rentals.
Each volunteer should have an interactive map that will show their territory, when and where the next campaign event will be so they can share it with supporters, and an accessory to take donations from the person’s credit card.

4. Create a candidate hashtag and use it.
Besides the candidate’s name, come up with something clever that will stick. Bernie Sanders has the best one of the bunch — #FeeltheBern — while the rest of the national candidates use their last name and 2016 (i.e. #Trump2016).

The hashtag creates a timeline for potential voters to view your Twitter or Facebook feed which can also be displayed on a large monitor rental back at campaign headquarters.

3. Have your war room well stocked.
Laptop rentals can be used by contract employees to send out email campaigns, create posters, answer letters and pay invoices.  Printer and copier rentals are important for handouts and flyers.

2. Make sure your Wi-Fi network is robust enough.
A strong, robust Internet connection may not be always possible within the various campaign infrastructures. Hotspot rentals may be your best choice given the need to be constantly connected to a secure bandwidth you control.

1. Make sure your technology is moveable.
Work with a vendor that can create a customized mobile technology kit that will have everything in it you need for an ad hoc headquarters location. These kits need to be secure, come in different sizes and be easily transported in a car, train or airplane.

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