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Tech You Need to Conduct a Meeting Virtually

Tech You Need to Conduct a Meeting Virtually

Are you interested in having a virtual meeting but you’re not sure which tech to use?

Virtual meetings are now commonplace, allowing companies to conduct a meeting online. There are plenty of benefits to online conferences including the ability to check-in with colleagues at any time.

Using the right service can increase productivity and reduce the costs of business travel. Find out what technology you need to get started and a list of the best meeting platforms.

Start with the Right Hardware

Before you conduct a virtual meeting, you need to have reliable hardware that can handle the process. You need a computer that can connect with your remote employees.

An upgraded computer provides the best results, and sometimes older models can’t compete. If you don’t have the budget to splurge on a new computer, you can rent a computer for your online meetings.

You can also rent projectors, viewing screens, and monitors depending on your needs. Renting hardware saves you money in the short term and you can always buy it when the budget allows.

The Best Online Platforms to Conduct a Meeting

Once you have the hardware, you want a versatile program that makes it easy to connect with everyone. Online meeting platforms allow you to host a meeting with people in different cities, states, or even countries.

Regardless of which service you use, these virtual meeting tips help you get the most out of your conference.

Here are a few of the most highly-rated web conferencing software programs to get you started.


This is a cloud-based program that makes it simple for different companies to connect. Join.me focuses on collaborative ideas and plans.

Join.me has an easy-to-use interface, and the ability for anyone to share screens or files is great for joint projects. This program also works on desktops, laptops, and even smart devices.


Zoom is all about hosting webinars, teaching courses, and online training. This is an essential program to use if you’re training new employees outside of the office.

Zoom also has impressive hosting abilities. There can be up to 100 active participants and 10,000 viewing-only watchers. For this reason, it’s great for both small and medium-sized businesses.


GoToMeeting’s international features make it useful for businesses that deal with international clients. Cloud-sharing abilities also allow you to record and store meetings online for future use.

A nice bonus of GoToMeeting is that the number of online monthly meetings is unlimited. This is great for anyone that needs to frequently reach out to out-of-office employees.


Founded in 2003, Skype was one of the earliest video-conferencing tools. This service is still used worldwide as a way to connect clients and colleagues in different locations.

Skype is a useful tool for group chats, and video calls can be viewed by up to 25 participants. One of the best benefits of this program is that Skype-to-Skype calls are free.

Get Connected and Get Started with Hartford Technology Rental

Now that you know the best ways to conduct a meeting online, you can reach out to clients and colleagues from all over the world. With so many features, these programs are beneficial to businesses both large and small.

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