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Tech Talk Thursday: October 2019

Tech Talk Thursday: October 2019

Don’t be spooked by some of the top technology news in October! There have been some wickedly good announcements and spooktacular new products that need to be celebrated. We wouldn’t trick you; read on to find out what happened in October!

Top Tech Announcements for October 2019

Google Event

Pixel 4 Phones

On October 15, 2019 in New York City, Google unveiled the Pixel 4 along with the new Pixel Buds, the Pixelbook Go Chromebook and lots of new Nest devices.

The compact Pixel 4 phone features a 5.7-inch display and the Pixel 4 XL has the larger 6.3-inch screen. The phones feature an excellent camera with new Dual Exposure controls and Live HDR+. In addition, users can see captions of a video in real time with Live Captions.

There is a new facial recognition capability, powered by Google’s “Soli” radar detection technology. And, one unique feature is car crash detection which can recognize if you’ve been in auto accident and automatically calls 911 for you.

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Video Streaming Service

Google also announced Stadia, a new video game streaming service, launching on Nov. 19. The service lets you stream video games to devices like Chromecasts or Chromebooks and includes a special controller designed by Google.

GoPro Max 360 Camera

GoPro announced its newest camera, Max. It has two 180-degree lenses that can capture 360-degree stills at 16.6 megapixels; single lens shots with a 4:3 aspect ratio at 5.5 megapixels; and a 270-degree “PowerPanos” at 6.2 megapixels.

For video, it can capture 1440p at 60 frames-per-second with a single lens and 5.6k spherical clips at 30 fps. There are microphones on all sides of the camera, save one, and it supports all current GoPro accessories.

According to Joshua Goldman of Cnet, “The Max’s dual cameras can be used to capture 360-degree videos and photos, but more importantly, you can use its app to turn that 360-degree video into standard widescreen clips while also easily reframing to whatever subject you want to focus on,” he wrote.

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Microsoft Surface Event

On October 2, 2019 in New York City, Microsoft unveiled six Surface models including the Surface Pro X and Surface Pro 7 tablets, Surface Laptop 3, plus the dual-screen Surface Neo tablet.

Surface Laptop

The Surface Laptop 3 showcases a 15-inch AMD-powered model and 10th-gen Intel Ice Lake Core processor in the 13.5-inch model. These computing devices feature the ability to open the laptop with one finger, improved keyboard, 20% larger trackpad, fast charging, USB-C port and an all-day batter life.

Surface Tablet

Microsoft announced two new Surface Pro tablets – the Surface Pro 7 and the Surface Pro X. The Surface Pro 7 tablet features a 12.3-inch touchscreen display plus the 10th-gen Intel chip, a USB-A and USB-C ports, and a more powerful microphone. It offers 10 hours of battery life.

The ultra-portable 13-inch edge to edge display on the Surface Pro X features a new, powerful proprietary SQ1 processor with two USB-C ports. If you’re a stylus user, the Surface Pro X allows you to stash the pen right inside the optional keyboard cover’s hinge. It offers 13 hours of battery life.

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Dual-Screen Device

The future is coming and it features a dual-screen PC from Microsoft, the Surface Neo. The folding Windows tablet packs two 9-inch screens that combine into a 13-inch area that helps with multitasking.

The Surface Neo features Intel’s Lakefield processor, weighs 1.4 pounds and uses the thinnest LCDs ever created according to Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer. In addition, there is a compact, wirelessly charging keyboard that turns the Neo into a laptop. Lastly, the Surface Neo will run on Windows 10X specifically designed and optimized for dual-screen devices.  This will be available late 2020.

What happened to the Apple Event?

History suggests that Apple has held a special event in October almost every year since 2011 with 2015 and 2017 being the only exceptions. Well, we can now add 2019 to the list. It looks like the new 16-inch MacBook Pro with scissor keyboard will be pushed to 2020. I guess we will need to stay tune til next year…

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