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Tech Talk Thursday: Oct Announcements Worth Noting | HTR

Tech Talk Thursday: Oct Announcements Worth Noting | HTR

This month’s Tech Talk focuses on acquisitions, investments, tablet and smartphones. Below are the seven technology announcements that really stand out.

Top Tech Announcements for October

Dell’s Gaming Business Worth $3 Billion

Alienware, a total gaming hardware solution, purchase by Dell ten years ago, is three times larger than any of its competitors and offers laptops, desktops and Virtual Reality options targeted to gamers.

Business Impact: If your organization is looking to get into eSports and eGames, this require specialized gaming systems. Consider renting different ones, including Alienware, before settling in on a choice, but remember it’s all about speed and reliability during tournament play.

Samsung Introduces the Galaxy Book 2

Featuring a Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 processor, twelve inch display, an ergonomic design and a battery life is up to twenty hours, this device rivals the Microsoft Surface Pro 6.

Business Impact: If your business is looking for an alternative to the Surface, this may be just what the doctor ordered.  

Google Announces Pixel 3 and 3 XL Smartphones

These devices deliver better photos, block spam phone calls and even measure your digital well-being. The Pixel 3 and 3 XL gives you free, unlimited online storage for Google Photos, the ability to screen your calls, asks who’s calling and why, and has Google Assistant integrated into the operating system. 3XL has a larger screen with clear, front-facing speakers for better clarity.

Business Impact: When you consider Android phones to lease or buy, look hard at these ones for their improved camera and AI capabilities.

Square Launches Terminal, an All-in-One Credit Card and Mobile Pay Station

The Square Terminal can accept credit cards and Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and payments from Near Field Communication devices. It can process payments, print out receipts and offers an all-day battery for maximum mobility.

Business Impact: This is the future – the ability to pay for products and services via multiple cashless ways. If you run a retail business or want to sell items at your next trade show, this is the perfect unit to do so!

YouTube Invests $20 Million in Educational Content

Through a new Learning Fund, YouTube is opening their wallet to channels like Ted-Ed, CrashCourse and Vox. Each channel must have 25,000 subscribers or more to qualify. The intent is to help channels that would like to develop more educational videos but currently don’t have the funding to do so. As of today, it’s still unclear how this fund will be dispersed.

Business Impact: Video learning is hot and not just in the classroom. Users all over the world are turning to YouTube to help them gain new skills. If this bite-sized way of learning holds, look for face-to-face training to dwindle over time.  

Facebook Hacker Access 29 million accounts

Through the social media giant’s “view as” feature, hackers stole access tokens from millions of accounts placing contact information and demographic details at risk. While there’s no indication the hackers have used the information to date, that doesn’t necessarily make the victims feel any safer as bad actors often hold onto data for months before using it. The FBI is actively investigating.

Business Impact: This is another ding in Facebook’s reputation. Before this occurred, 10,000+ users were deleting their Facebook account every day. It will be interesting to watch if that number increases and by how much. While many business owners say Facebook is too big to fail, the same was said about Blackberry and Chrysler. I’ll be keeping an eye out for what’s next with this iconic social giant….and so should you.

EU Approves Microsoft’s GitHub Acquisition

GitHub, an open source development platform used by over thirty-one million developers, was acquired by Microsoft last June for $7.5 billion and is one step closer to finalization because the EU found no anti-trust violations with this merger.

Business Impact: It may seem like a strange acquisition because it isn’t within Microsoft’s traditional scope of business. It will be interesting to see if they leave the model alone or integrate it their cloud subscription service, OneDrive.

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