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Tech Talk Thursday: Nov Announcements Worth Noting

Tech Talk Thursday: Nov Announcements Worth Noting

This month was relatively quiet on the tech scene; however, there were some interesting inroads in the AI developmental space, coupled with new concerns about cybersecurity vulnerabilities with IoT and Android devices. Here are the seven announcements I think will have the most impact on future business decisions.

Top Tech Announcements for November

Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNE) Adds AWS for AI Advancement

This deep learning community welcomes Amazon Web Services as it joins the community with its open source Python package. Facebook and Microsoft launched this community in the summer with their own programs.

Business Impact: With the backing of these three tech giants, it is expected that AI developers will be able to develop new applications faster in neural networks. In addition, the hope is a developer will be able to produce and test code on one network while delivering it on another, making the AI platform agnostic, and bringing AI deliverables to market cheaper and faster.

Another AI Collaboration Brings on Different Players

The Linux Foundation, AT&T and Tech Mahindra launched The Acumos Project earlier this month with the intent to provide AI open-sourced development in the technology, telecommunications and media sectors. This open source code is targeted to be available for developers in early 2018.

Business Impact: The goal of this collaboration is to make AI apps reusable, accessible and affordable to those who want to use this technology. The goal is to accelerate the adoption of AI for use in better vehicles, drones, AR/VR applications and even Wi-Fi coverage.

VMware Partners with AWS for Disaster Recovery and Migration

This new migration product should allow movement of applications to the cloud with no downtime and at a reasonable cost. The new disaster recovery product enables businesses to back up their operating system, applications and files on the AWS cloud.

Business Impact: This new partnership is designed to help VMware clients easily transition to the cloud, especially businesses that require 99.9% uptime. The disaster recovery tool allows businesses to return to their business quicker after a disaster strikes because the data can be accessible from any device that is connected to the Wi-Fi.

Bluetooth IoT Devices Susceptible to Cyberattacks

BlueBorne is an external attack method which targets common Bluetooth connections. What makes this particular attack so disconcerting is it doesn’t require the user to do anything in order to become a victim; they simply need to have their Bluetooth turned on. Because digital assistants use Bluetooth, this vulnerability can enable hackers to access personal information. Armis identified 8 vulnerabilities of Linux-based IoT devices.

Business Impact: Before allowing IoT devices into your work setting, know that Bluetooth IoT devices are the most vulnerable, yet one of the largest growing segments of AI. As a cautionary measure, connect the devices to your Wi-Fi system, do not purchase Linux-based devices or ban all BlueTooth devices from your workplace.

Marcher Malware Affects Android Phones

This banking attack begins with a phishing message delivered by email to a phone. The message is sent from the user’s bank (not) and contains a link that once pressed, asks for the user’s bank account information and PIN. It is not your typical attack because users are required to take several steps for the hacker to get the information, however, the likelihood of this campaign spreading is very high.

Business Impact: It is vital that businesses continuously train their personal to recognize and report any phishing situations. In the case of company phones, the IT/Telecomm department needs to keep the operating systems up-to-date and only rent, lease or purchase phones that support the latest OS. Lastly, never allow users to download apps unless they are through the official Google Play or Apple App Store, and make sure they do not install apps that are not company approved, especially if they have a company phone.

Razer Introduces Gaming Phone

The new Razer Phone has a 120 Hz ultra-motion display which delivers fast refresh rates and smooth graphics. It features 8 GB of RAM, runs Android Nougat and has dual rear 12 MP cameras. Its battery is designed to last all day and is enabled with Quick Charge 4+ that allows for rapid recharging.

Business Impact: This phone is clearly designed for hardcore gamers who want to develop on this mobile device, or desire to game while traveling or both.

3D Printer Increases Speed by 10 Times

Engineers at MIT have developed a 3D printer that is capable of building its creation up to 10x faster than any other 3D printer in the marketplace today. The printer head has a laser that is capable of melting plastic more quickly.

Business Impact: If this printer goes into production, this could change the way prototyping and personalization requests are handled especially in fast-paced locations such as trade shows and pop-up stands.

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