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Tech Talk Thursday: May Announcements Worth Noting

Tech Talk Thursday: May Announcements Worth Noting

Here are the six most impactful technology announcements from May and my assessment of how they might impact your business strategy and dynamics in the months to come.

Top Tech Announcements for May

Largest Single-Memory Computer

Hewlett Packard Enterprises announced a computer with 160 Terabytes of memory with the ability to spread this memory over 40 physical nodes. This computer is expected to scale up to 4 Yottabytes in the future.

Business Impact: As companies look to private servers or a backup system to archive their entire historical database, this is a solution that can work, with or without a cloud implementation. While high levels of encryption are key, you may now feel secure about retrieving those banker boxes from your archives and scanning the data into this very large, secure computing system.

Google Makes Headway with New Operating System

Unlike Android or Chrome OS that are based on Linux, the Fuchsia operating system is built on a new, Google-built kernel called “Magenta”, which will allow Google to move away from Linux, once and for all.

Business Impact: Since this new operating system will be open sourced, I expect there will be many applications already written for it when it fully rolls out to the public. The questions that remain are, will it be easy to migrate from Linux to Fuchsia? If not, what is the expected cost and time required to convert to it? Only time will tell.

Microsoft Debuts Smarter Cloud

At its Build conference last week, Microsoft previewed Azure IoT Edge, that allows cloud functionality to be run remotely on IoT devices. The technology runs on both Windows and Linux.

Business Impact: This solution is expected to reduce IoT solution costs while increase security across all devices. You send only the data you need to store and analyze in the cloud. By reducing the amount of data you transmit from device to cloud, you’ll reduce bandwidth costs. Securely and efficiently managing IoT devices (especially AI ones) is a major initiative of all technology providers and I believe you will see more announcements in the IoT arena in the coming months.

Dell Unveils Alice

Dell Technologies Inc. now it has an AI digital assistant that can tell women who lead startups where to look for advice, funding or new customers. The "Alice" machine-learning platform is in partnership with Circular Board, an online business accelerator for women.

Business Impact: This announcement is only the tip of the iceberg for businesses. While this looks like a great resource for women business owners to stay in business, look for AI functionality to continue to be unveiled in other niche areas (small business owners, technology companies, etc.)

Amazon Adds Echo Show

With a 7-inch color touchscreen, 5-inch camera and Dolby speakers, Echo Show can now do just that. Play a YouTube video, display photos and access a company’s security cameras.

Business Impact: While companies have been slow to introduce Digital Assistants into the workplace, this device may be exactly what the doctor ordered. The possibilities are endless – from learning new skills to translating information from a foreign language to making hands free telephone calls and everything in between. Based on the Alexa AI platform, look for Amazon to continue to enhance their AI offerings.

Wearables Detect Heart Problems

Cardiogram, a heart monitoring application provider, announced their app can detect Atrial Fibrillation (AF) with a 97% accuracy rate on an Apple Watch. AF affects roughly 2.7 million Americans, of which these individuals are 5x more likely to have a stroke.

Business Impact: Look for wearables to have more and more applications that monitor a person’s health. This app can be the gateway for quicker EMS response times at work if a person is experiencing symptoms of a stroke and an increase or decrease in company health payments if employees are willing to share their personal data with their employer.

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