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Tech Talk Thursday: May 2019

Tech Talk Thursday: May 2019

The biggest computing trade show, Computex 2019 started on Tuesday, May 28th and runs through to June 1st. The event is taking place in Taipei, Taiwan and features world-renowned technology companies that concentrate on AI & IoT, 5G, Blockchain, Gaming & XR and much more. Let’s explore some of the exciting announcements that were highlighted this week.

Top Tech Announcements for May 2019

Intel’s Highly Anticipated CPU

Intel announced its Ice Lake Y-series chips, a 10th generation processor based on the Sunny Cove microarchitecture. The chip has a 10nm technology node which is significantly smaller than the 14nm node it has been using; it is, however, larger than the 7nm node used on AMD, Apple and Qualcomm chips.

Intel’s Ice Lake will be as powerful as its popular U-series while using less battery and taking up less space. The company claims the chips will have graphics that are 2X faster, WiFi that is 3X faster and the ability to handle complex AI-related task 2.5X faster.

The Ice Lake lineup will be featured in notebooks, and other thin and light devices.

Athena-Certified by Intel

In other news, Intel wants to re-imagine and redefine a new generation of Ultrabooks with a stricter set of guidelines for OEMs to follow. This new series of specs for laptops is known as Project Athena. These “Athena Certified” Ultrabooks will be thin, light, super powerful, and offer better portability, longer battery life and other enhancements typically not found in non-Athena laptops.

To be “Athena Certified”, the laptop must include several key target specs including: 12-inch to 15.6 inch touchscreen at 1080p or greater; narrow bezel design; Core i5 or i7 CPU; 8GB RAM or more; 256 GB NVMe SSD or more; 9 hours or more of real-world web browsing; under 1 second of wake-from-sleep; and Thunderbolt 3 and WiFi 6 connectivity.

The first Athena Certified laptops are expected to be available by Christmas 2019. Of course if you can’t wait for a Project Athena laptop, we rent ultrabook laptops that can suit your business computing needs for a short-term project.

Asus Portable Monitor

Asus showcased the ZenScreen Touch, a slim, light and portable monitor designed for mobile productivity, creativity and entertainment. It weighs 0.9 kg and is 9 mm thin. The portable monitor includes a 10-point touchscreen that allows you to swipe, scroll and drag.

The portable monitor is perfect for business professionals who are out of the office and on the road meeting clients/prospects. The ZenScreen Touch offers up to 4 hours of batter life and works with a phone (thru an app) or PC. 

Asus has not announced a release date or pricing so stay tuned!

Asus Dual-Screen Laptop

In addition to the portable monitor, Asus introduced its innovative ZenBook Duo and ZenBook Pro Duo, ultra-portable laptops that have dual 4K screens with 9th gen Intel hardware and Nvidia graphics.

What makes the ZenBook Pro Duo unique is that is has not one but two 4K screens. There is a 15-inch 16:9 OLED panel where you normally find the display on a laptop and a 32:9 IPS “ScreenPad Plus” directly above the keyboard that’s the same width and half the height. Using its custom software, you can use the ScreenPad Plus like a secondary control panel or use it as a full monitor. If you want, you can even split it into 2 smaller 16:9 1080p windows.

The eye-catching ZenBook Pro Duo is designed to help improve productivity and support business professionals who use their laptops to multitask.

Asus has not announced a release date or pricing so stay tuned!

Revamped VR Backpack for Business

If you are looking for a valuable training tool or 3D development station, then the revamped VR Backpack from HP may be your answer. Using the same basic case and dock found on the previous model, HP updated the hardware technology. The compact, commercial VR desktop features 8th-gen Intel Core i7 CPU Nvidia RTX 2080 GPU which offers 30% performance boost and 25% more powerful graphics than previous model.

The backpack is powered by a pair of hot-swappable batteries so users can keep going wirelessly for as long as they like. When done, the slim PC can be taken out of the backpack and docked in a dedicated desktop station where it can be connected to a traditional display, mouse and keyboard like a regular PC.

This model will be available summer 2019. Of course, if you are interested in renting virtual reality headsets for your business or upcoming event today, we have lots of options and expertise to put together a package that meets your budget and event goals.

Dell’s First Athena-Certified Laptop

Dell announced an update to its XPS 13 laptop. With its 10th-gen processor and active cooling system, Dell states the new XPS is 2.5X faster and has 16 hours of battery life which is almost 2X longer than the previous model. In addition, the laptop’s hinge is different, it has a maglev keyboard like the XPS 15; and the webcam sits atop its display panel.

The hinges on the new version of the XPS laptop allows you to transition between laptop and other modes quicker. Plus, the hinge now lifts the laptop slightly when in laptop mode and the rubber feet prevent slipping.

In addition, Dell’s XPS 13 convertible display features Eye Safe, new technology that embeds LEDS into the display to produce blue light which is less harsh. No announcement has been made as to when this laptop will be available.

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