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Tech Talk Thursday: Dec Announcements Worth Noting

Tech Talk Thursday: Dec Announcements Worth Noting

While there were many great technology announcements in 2017, this was definitely the year of the smartphone, laptop and tablet. Followed closely by announcements about IoT, Cybersecurity and AI.

Today’s blog post will tie up the 7 notable announcements in the past year and the business impact they had and will continue to have as we move into the coming year.

2017 Top Tech Announcements


Google Pixel 2

The Pixel 2 has two models: a 5” standard and 6” XL. Each is equipped with a 12.2 MP rear camera and an 8 MP front camera with video stabilization for smoother videos. Google Assistant, the AI feature, is embedded in the phone thus combining machine learning and computer vision to help a user find what they are looking for — whether it is a landmark or a book. The operating system is Android 8.0 Oreo. The battery life is 25 hours and it can gain 7 hours of battery life back in a 15-minute charge. It has an OLED display but still contains a beveled display, which has been dropped by competitive models in the marketplace today.

Business Impact: One of the highest quality cameras in the marketplace today, if a user takes a lot of photos or videos this is a great phone choice. In addition, the Pixel 2 has two other strengths; the integration and syncing capabilities of Google Assistant across other Google platforms and a great battery life between charges.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

While retaining the overall same look and same approximate size as the Galaxy S8+, the Note 8 features an upgraded processor and a dual-camera system; one functions as a wide-angle lens and the other as a telephoto lens, with both featuring 12 MP resolution and optical image stabilization. The S Pen has increased pressure sensitivity levels. It has a 6.3” screen, an all-day battery and has wireless charging.

Business Impact: If your business needs a combination phone/tablet solution, this may be the phone for you. It is a great choice for individuals who need a high-resolution camera to show progress on a project, before/after shots of their work or record client testimonials while taking notes on-the-job.  

Apple iPhone X

The X’s new design includes:

  • a borderless, OLED screen that has Dolby Vision and HDR 10 capabilities. HDR preserves the gradation from dark to light in ways that SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) cannot.
  • Super Retina display with 2,436 x 1,135-pixel resolution which is 40% resolution improvement over previous iPhones, including the 8 models.
  • Facial recognition technology, thus relieving the end user’s need to remember a passcode and can allow them to make payments through Face ID.
  • No home button.

Business Impact: The iPhone X has the speed, storage, signals, camera, AR and long battery life of the iPhone 8 but it has completely different screen technology and is using facial recognition in a cutting-edge way. If your organization needs the features of the iPhone X and is interested in having cutting-edge technology, this is the phone for you.


Apple iPad Pro

The iPad Pro uses the A10X processor which is a variant of the A10.  Apple claims that it has 30 percent faster CPU performance and 40 percent faster GPU performance than its predecessor, the A9X. The iPad Pro has one Lightning port and requires the use of other adapters if you want to physically connect to other devices. iPad Pro lastes for 15-1/2 hours, uses a Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil.

Business Impact: The iPad Pro 10.5” screen, running iOS 11 is the best device for your creative team, which may include graphic and web designers, artists and those in the entertainment industry who need speed and desire to be mobile while creating their work.


Microsoft Surface Laptop

This laptop has a slim design, very good battery life, and the keyboard and touchpad are both excellent. It comes with Windows 10 operating system but the port selection is limited, skipping USB-C entirely.

Business Impact: This is a great choice for business professionals who travel a lot and are looking for a solid laptop for running Office applications.

Google Pixelbook

Google Pixelbook is a high-performance Chromebook with the Google Assistant built in. Use your voice, press the Assistant key, or circle with Google Pixelbook Pen2 to get help from Google Assistant. It uses Android applications and is positioned to take advantage of AI.

Business Impact: Google believes the way we will retrieve information and communicate lies with AI. This Internet-only notebook is great for users who use Internet and cloud-based application tools and will sync with newly announced Google products, including the Pixel 2.

Wi-Fi Router

Norton Core Router

Core uses deep packet inspection, intrusion detection, and Symantec’s Global Intelligence Network to defend your connected business against malware, viruses and hackers who may be entering through low-level encrypted IoT devices.

Business Impact: If you are running a small business or have a lot of virtual workers, this router is probably something to consider. Look for more routers like this in the coming months as more IoT devices enter the workplace.

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