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Tech Talk Thursday: August 2019

Tech Talk Thursday: August 2019

As we approach the end of our dog days of summer, the world of technology took a more relaxed approach with any new and exciting announcements. We were able to find a few newsworthy ones to highlight. Read on to find out what happened in August!

Top Tech Announcements for August 2019

Powerful Enterprise-Class Chromebooks

Working together, Dell and Google have introduced an enterprise-class Chromebook. The partnership between these two companies enables them to introduce new capabilities and services to Dell’s Unified Workspace, an all-inclusive service that joins enterprise-level hardware, service, support and management to new proficiencies for multi-OS environments.

The new Chromebooks (Latitude 5400 and Latitude 5300) offer the level of security and workforce manageability expected in a corporate environment. To enhance employee productivity, these computing devices offer 8th Gen Intel Core i5 or i7, all-day battery life and fast battery charge with Express Charge technologies.

The Latitude 5400 Chromebook Enterprise and Latitude 5300 2-in-1 Chromebook Enterprise are now available.

Designed for Business: Galaxy Note 10 & 10+

At the Galaxy Unpacked event, earlier in the month, Samsung announced its new Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+, designed to attract business professionals. Specifically, the phones have four features that should appeal to the general business user:

  • S Pen & Air Gestures: the S pen can serve as a clicker for presentations and brings 6 new gestures called “Air Actions.”
  • Camera is powerful enough to play a role in industrial use cases and other field scenarios. Or, it can operate as a business-grade video conferencing unit allowing remote employees to connect into a larger meeting.
  • DeX: Introduced in the Galaxy 8 phone, this feature helps business professionals connect their phone to their PC. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, they can quickly and easily move files from one device to another.
  • Link to Windows allows users to connect to a Windows PC through the Microsoft “Your Phone” app; users can then access phone notifications and text messages on their desktop so no need to switch between devices.

These newer Galaxy phone models are now available. If you don’t need the latest but want a dozen or more smartphones for an event, we rent older Samsung Galaxy phone models, and at competitive rates!

Teeny Tiny Insta360 GO

Insta360 has announced its new GO 360 camera. It builds on the Insta360 legacy and extends some of the technology it has formulated from its more traditional, non-360 degree footage category.

It really is tiny; it weighs less than an ounce and measures less than 2-inches tall and 1-inch wide. This small size is ideal for wearing or mounting it virtually anywhere, and enabling you to capture short clips. The GO enables you to record your actions quickly with a 30-second cap on clip recording; this is done by pressing the lone control button on the device.

The GO’s design is meant for social sharing. Its difference from using a smartphone is that is has its proprietary FlowState stabilization that keeps your footage smooth while recording.

Don’t need something quite so small? We have a variety of professional 360 camera rentals available for your next video project.

Apple Fall Event

Supposedly, Apple is having its fall iPhone launch event on September 10th. Pundits expect the announcement of a new iPhone Pro model to replace the XS line; a refresh to the iPhone XR with a second, optical zoom camera; and a third version with a wider angle rear camera.

There is also talk about a new MacBook Pro with a display size of over 16-inches; though it is not clear if this will be announced during the Fall Event or not.

For iPads, there will be enhancements to its iPad Pro with updated versions of the 11-inch and 12.9-inch models which will get better specs and cameras.

Let’s see what happens…

Augmented Reality Glasses

Snap announced its newest high-tech glasses, Spectacles 3. The slick, steel-framed sunglasses has two HD cameras – one at each corner of the glasses frame-to add depth perception and improve the overall experience for the wearer.

Additionally, Snap released a suite of 3D effects designed to take advantage of the content captured with the twin cameras. The glasses require a phone to work: users can sync their recorded videos or photos from the sunglasses with their smartphones via Bluetooth or WiFi. Then, they can share them on Snapchat, the company’s social-messaging app.

These glasses will be available in 2 colors: black and mineral, which looks like champagne gold. You will find these augment reality glasses in store by fall 2019.

Not sure about these? Learn more about the augmented reality rentals we offer.

WiFi 6 Platforms Powered by Qualcomm

Hoping to speed up adoption of the latest wireless standard, Qualcomm has announced four new Wi-Fi 6 platforms. Previously known by its official IEEE name, 802.11ax, the Wi-Fi Alliance has given it a friendlier name hoping to make things easier for consumers to understand.

The Wi-Fi announcement took place at a special Wi-Fi 6 day in San Francisco where Qualcomm talked about how Wi-Fi 6 differs from 5G but also how home and business Wi-Fi routers of the future will be able to more seamlessly hand-off devices – phones in particular – from Wi-Fi to cellular connections. Stay tuned as this new platform starts to roll-out.

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