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Tech Talk Thursday: Aug Announcements Worth Noting

Tech Talk Thursday: Aug Announcements Worth Noting

This month’s declarations were a potpourri, with no major, breaking announcements other than Samsung who took the stage with two curved gaming monitors and the Note 9.

Here is a summary of the six technology announcements I think are the most interesting and are worth keeping your eye on.

Top Tech Announcements for August

Samsung Announces Two Curved Gaming Monitors

The CJG5 32” and 27” monitors feature key gaming technologies such as Widescreen Quad HD curved display, 144Hz refresh rate and a high contrast ratio. This bezel-less, game-optimized display also has two HDMI ports.

Business Impact: Curved, high resolution monitors are the go-to systems for Esports competitions where gamers are online for hours at a time and fast refresh rates can bring about a competitive advantage. Since these are the first affordable entrees into curved gaming monitors, look for these units to set the bar for future monitors of this type. If you are interested in a non-curved monitor,  our inventory is stocked with name-brand gaming monitor rentals, ready for your next gaming event.

Samsung Introduces Galaxy Note 9

The Galaxy Note 9 has a biggest screen (6.4”), longest battery life (8 hours) because its battery is 21% larger than the Note 8, fastest processor and largest storage (up to 1 TB) of any Note product on the market today. It also offers a 12-megapixel rear camera.

Business Impact: Coming in at the same price as an iPhone X, the Galaxy Note 9 should give Apple a run for their money – especially with gamers, individuals who enjoy streaming, or multitaskers.

Lenovo Offers Two New Laptops

The ThinkPad P1 is .7″ thin, 3.76 lbs. and has a 15.6” 4K display. It has an 8th Gen Intel® Xeon® and Core™ processors and NVIDIA® Quadro® graphics that reaches up to 4.6 GHz speeds.  It offers up to 4 TB of storage and 64 GB of memory.

The ThinkPad P72 has the same processors and graphics as the P1 but weighs 7.5 lbs. and has a 17.3″ display. It offers up to 6 TB of storage and 128 GB of memory.

Business Impact: These laptops are super thin and super-fast, designed for the busy professional that is constantly on the go. They are powerful enough to handle videoconferencing and have ample storage for business trips where Wi-Fi may be spotty or not available at all.  Need high-performance laptops for upcoming project or training? We offer a variety of laptop rentals to meet your computing needs.

Facebook Focuses on Local Businesses

Starting with restaurants and local businesses, Facebook is making it easier for mobile users to book a reservation or appointment within each page and recommend a business to other Facebook users. In addition, the owner of the page can post jobs and be placed in FB’s new local section so their page will appear if a person asks for recommendations near them.

Business Impact: This is a good signal that Facebook cares about small, local businesses and wants them to thrive. Be sure to take advantage of all this service has to offer but remember you will still need to set aside funding to promote your page and posts, so others can see them.  

Facial Recognition System Catches Imposter at Airport

A new tech solution at the Washington Dulles International Airport flagged a man with a French passport whose face did not match his identification. As authorities search him, they found his real ID from the Republic of Congo. Currently, there are 14 airports using facial recognition technology.

Business Impact: This is a great example of how facial recognition works and look for more success stories in the future.

CVS Health Offers MinuteClinic Video Visits

For $59, a mobile user can receive advice from the medical profession about minor illnesses and other wellness needs, 24/7. Such things as earaches, gout and sinus infections can be understand and potentially treated in the 15-minute video call. The patient has to download the app and fill out a questionnaire. At that point, they “see” a board-certified healthcare provider. If necessary, the provider can send a prescription to the patient’s pharmacy.

Business Impact: More and more healthcare providers will be offering this in the future, as it is viewed as a win-win for all parties. Insurance coverage for the visit needs to come soon, but look for other professions such as attorneys, accountants and consultants to offer the same model of video service.  

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