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Tech Talk Thursday: Aug Announcements Worth Noting

Tech Talk Thursday: Aug Announcements Worth Noting

August was a relatively slow month (with the exception of the Samsung Galaxy S8). It did, however, have a few interesting announcements revolving around privacy, cybersecurity and collaboration. Here are the 8 that I found most noteworthy along with my thoughts of how they may impact your business.

Top Tech Announcements for August

Lenovo Launches New VR-Ready Towers

Lenovo announced gaming towers that run Windows 10, Intel Core i7-7700 processor, GTX graphics and up to 20 ports for connections.

Business Impact: This system is designed for VR developers and users who work in a business environment that requires the use of Windows applications.

Linux Privacy Laptop

The Librem 13 which runs native Linux, has two physical switches that can disable the webcam, microphone, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with a click of the button.

Business Impact: This is good news for users who are developing custom applications on a laptop and want utmost confidentiality and privacy. The good news is the features listed above can easily be turned on and off with a toggle switch. I expect more and more developmental PCs will move toward this type of system.

20TB Desktop Storage System

Western Digital announced a new 20 terabyte My Book Duo storage system which features up to 360 MB/second data transfer, two USB 3.0 ports and an Advanced Encryption System (AES-256) system.

Business Impact: This is a great offering for small businesses that wish to have an onsite central storage system that is secure. Because the AES is in 256-bit format, it's considered among the top ciphers and not crack able since the combinations of keys are massive.

Android 8.0 Oreo Arrives

This new operating system is twice as fast as the previous 7.2 Android version. Features include: the ability to see two apps at the same time, Google Play Protect, better battery life, syncing data across devices and can autofill your logins.

Business Impact: This new operating system allows users to easily jump back and forth between two applications on the same screen. It scans incoming and installed apps for malware, leaving businesses with a BYOD policy for smartphones, some peace of mind. Because all apps run in the background until used, the battery life is much better than previous Android versions. The ability to sync data across platforms keeps each Android device less vulnerable and the autofill login feature saves time. Productivity enhancements, security provisions, longer time between charges and syncing are all positive benefits of Oreo.

OneDrive iOS Updated

OneDrive (Microsoft’s public cloud offering) has been totally rewritten for iOS Versions 9 and later to include offline and paper scanning, the ability to edit and keep files offline and temporarily share a file for a finite period of time.

Business Impact: If your business has standardized on OneDrive as your cloud platform, this offering gives employees who do not wish to give up their Apple devices the ability to fully collaborate with other team members.

Turn any iPad into a Second Screen

Astro HQ’s new Luna Display is a small piece of hardware that connects into a USB-C port and allows any iPad to act as a second monitor.

Business Impact: This is an easy-to-install offering for graphic designers, presenters or facilitators when the use of another monitor is important.

Net Neutrality at Risk

Net neutrality is the principle that Internet Service Providers must treat all data on the Internet the same, not discriminating or charging differentially by user, content, website, platform, application, type of attached equipment, or mode of communication. The current FCC chairman is looking at dismantling some of the net neutrality language making it easier for ISP providers to regulate the Internet themselves.

Business Impact:  Most businesses, especially small ones, may potentially experience slow broadband, blocked websites or outrageous fees if the FCC and tech giants have their way. With limited ISP choices for most US businesses, until a better solution is adapted, net neutrality is the best business choice. The FCC is fielding comments until the end of this month.

YouTube Adding Video Sharing and Messaging

This is for the mobile app. It allows users to send a video and then chat about it during or after play.

Business Impact: For businesses that are video intensive, this is a great tool to use for sharing product videos with clients or broadcasting a company announcement to employees around the world and everything in between; all the while having a conversation with the community as they are viewing it.

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