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Tech Talk Thursday: April Announcements Worth Noting

Tech Talk Thursday: April Announcements Worth Noting

While there are many technology product launches throughout the year, it’s not easy to keep up with all the announcements and news. That is why we are starting a new feature – Tech Talk Thursday which will be a technology round-up published on the last Thursday of each month.

As a state-of-the-art business technology provider, Hartford Technology Rental is always interested in what you think. If we missed anything, please let us know!

For our first Tech Talk Thursday, here are five of the most interesting technology announcements in April 2017.

Top Tech Announcements for April

Microsoft Drops Passwords

With the new Authenticator app that runs on iOS and Android platforms, when Microsoft users sign into their account, they will only use their email address. An alert will be sent to their app asking if they approve or reject the sign in attempt. As of today, it does not support Office 365, but it will very soon.

Business Impact: Rather than running cybersecurity risks of having passwords floating around your company, this allows both IT professionals and individuals the control over their sign-in credentials without the risk of forgetting or compromising a passcode. However, there is some risk if the phone is stolen and a passcode and security measures are not in place for the phone.

Facebook Workplace and Messenger Improve

Facebook Workplace collaborative tool is now free and is an easy way for office workers to communicate about everything Facebook including posts, events and messages.

Facebook is rolling out a second version of Messenger, with discovery tools, music and branded chatbots. David Marcus, Facebook’s head of messaging products, said. “With over 65 million businesses active on Facebook and nearly 20 million of them responding to messages every month—and our 100,000 active bots—we have a shot at becoming the Yellow Pages of messaging too.”

Business Impact: Both applications allow for fast, free and collective collaboration and responses to employees, clients and prospects. This allows organizations, both large and small, to continue to be open to suggestions, comments and questions as they come in from employees and the general public.

Google Hire

While this is not available to the public at this juncture, Google Hire plans to compete directly against LinkedIn, especially in the tech job arena.

Business Impact: Google Hire will allow employers and recruiters to post job listings, accept applications and manage those applicants through the entire system.

Shopify Introduces Credit Card Reader

This ecommerce site announced an easy-to-use credit card reader for both chip and non-chip cards that will allow them to go toe-to-toe with Square.

Business Impact: This reader is free for any current Shopify customer who has their POS solution. In addition, you can sell your products on Facebook, Messenger, Pinterest and Amazon all for the low cost of $9 per month. This a great opportunity for businesses who use digital channels to sell their services, as well as, having a local business presence.

Uber Central Allows for Multiple Cars

With this app, you can book and pay for rides for your clients and prospects without them having a smartphone or downloading the Uber app.

Business Impact: By requesting and paying for your customers’ rides, you ensure that they get where you need them to be, at no cost to them. With a single dashboard, you can request multiple rides at once and save frequently used routes with specific pick-up and drop-off locations.

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