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Tech Talk: Jan 2019 Announcement

Tech Talk: Jan 2019 Announcement

January is typically filled with announcements from one of the largest U.S. trade shows – The Consumers Electronics Show (CES). The event is hosted in Las Vegas and features more than 4,500 exhibitors, showcasing the latest technology innovations and how those will shape our future. Let’s delve further into some of the key takeaways from this trade show.

Top Tech Announcements for January 2019

VR isn’t Going Away

Virtual reality hasn’t quite lived up to its initial hype but it does continue to evolve and become more affordable. One of the leading products showcased was the Oculus Quest, offering a powerful VR gaming experience. Oculus Quest is the first all-in-one gaming system built for virtual reality that enables anyone to play almost anywhere with just a VR headset and controllers.

Another product was the new HTC Vive Cosmos. This headset is a premium PC-powered VR system that offers the VivePort Infinity service, a subscription service that allows you to have unlimited access to the catalog of games.

Of course, these products are not currently available but if you want to add a virtual reality experience to your corporate event or conference, consider renting HTC Vive or Oculus Go rental.

More Powerful Gaming Laptops

Asus announced its ROG Mothership which is both a laptop and desktop that offers performance, mobility and versatility. It features a detachable monitor and a standalone keyboard so, you can snap the ROG Mothership together and use it as a traditional laptop; or rest the screen on a kick stand, bring the keyboard in close and play the setup like a desktop. And, the Asus gaming laptop has a G-Sync-enabled 17.3-inch display with a maximum refresh rate of 144 Hz, features Intel’s Core i9 processor, and has NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX graphics.

Is there a gaming system that can be displayed in your living room? That is what CyerPower’s Syber Cube gaming PC offers. It is a perfect combination of form and function. The RGB lighting adds an impressive glow to the sleek outer casing, highlighting its top-notch components through the high-quality tempered glass panels on three sides. The high-end gaming PC model has an i9-9900K processor and dual Nvidia RTX2080 Ti GPUs.

Samsung announced its Notebook Odyssey – a PC designed with the gaming community in mind based on the idea that gaming on-the-go should be just as much of a thing as working on-the-go. The Odyssey is powered by Intel’s i7 processor and GeForce’s RTX 2080 gaming graphics card which supports real-time ray tracing. This makes lighting even more realistic and visually engrossing in supported games.

Impressive Displays on Laptops

Lenovo’s Yoga S940 is all about its impressive display with is contoured glass and nearly bezel-less screen. The aluminum-bodied laptop features a 13.9-inch wrap around display that has two configurations: 4K model with HDR400 support or 1080p model with Dolby Vision HDR. Plus, the Yoga S940 can be customized with Intel’s latest Whiskey Lake Core i7 processors and up to 16GB of RAM.

Groundbreaking TV

LG introduced the first-rollable OLED TV. The 65-inch 4K LG Signature OLED TV rolls itself up or down inside a sleek aluminum box with a click of a button. The screen supports all of the major HDR standards, offers excellent contrast and has a 100-watt sound system inside its base.

Apparently, this is the year that the 8K TV makes its grand debut. The largest manufacturers in electronics like Samsung, Sony, Toshiba and LG have made the switch to 8K however as of today, no 8K content has been created for mainstream audiences.

Evolution of Voice Recognition

Voice-activated digital assistants are here to stay especially when you consider the expanding number of products that are compatible with Google Assistant and/or Amazon Alexa. In fact, estimates indicate that Google Assistant will reach 1 billion devices in 2019. At CES, several major new features announced (here are more details from Google) that showcased the handiness of Assistant in the home, car and mobile devices.

One cool feature is that Google Assistant can now translate speech (with 27 languages) in real time. Another is that it lets you check into your next flight using voice command. Plus, Assistant will even work from the lock screen! Finally, Google also announced Assistant Connect, the platform for device manufacturers to bring the Google Assistant into their products in an affordable and easy-to-implement way.

So the next time you need help, just say “Hey, Google.”

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