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TBT – Our Favorite Technology Blog Posts

TBT – Our Favorite Technology Blog Posts

It’s Summer and time to kick back so let’s revisit some of our favorite technology blog posts from the past several months. Here’s our Summer #TBT – Throwback Thursday Tech-style:

Preparing Properly for Your PowerPoint Presentation
Find out how to prepare for your next presentation and deliver the best presentation to your audience by following these PowerPoint presentation tips.

Cloud Computing Improves Employee Satisfaction Levels
Discover how cloud computing impacts work productivity and employee satisfaction, and how to incorporate these findings into your cloud computing strategy.

Checklist for Employees Who Don’t Usually Plan Meetings
Get a planning checklist to help those employees who don’t usually plan meetings. This step-by-step guide outlines what actions to take for a successful event.

17 Simple Tips to Go Green No Matter Where You Are
Get 17 simple tips that you can do at the office or at your next meeting to help the environment and go green every day.

Testing 1-2-3…Getting Great Sound at Meetings
Is your sound system cutting in and out? Follow these steps to get great sound at meetings so participants can hear loud and clear.

Pros and Cons of Face-to-Face Training Sessions
Examine the pros and cons of various training options available and learn the key questions to ask when evaluating face-to-face training for your company.

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