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Sustainable Practices + Technology = Greener Meetings

Sustainable Practices + Technology = Greener Meetings

As you look to justify various technology choices at your next meeting or conference, consider the fact that these options are much more sustainable than the traditional ways of providing information to attendees, speakers and exhibitors.

Below are six best practices using technology to make your event greener without blowing your budget.

Rent Tablets, Add Apps and Replace All Paper in the Process

Consider for a moment, all the paper your conference generates from the meeting abstracts to speaker information and everything in between. All paper can be replaced by providing attendees with the right apps that will meet the conference objectives. Determine whether these apps will be web- or native-based and then, plan your Wi-Fi needs accordingly. Rent iPads or Android tablets, depending on attendee preference.

One more benefit of tablet rentals, you can submit a live video feed to their tablets and use them as second screens.

Digital Signage Replaces Posters

Rather than printing large posters with directional signage, exhibitor maps and sponsorship information, consider replacing these items with touch screen rentals that can direct individuals to breakout rooms, find the exhibitors they want to see and learn more about the conference sponsors. In addition, it is easy to change any information displayed on the screen on a real-time basis.

The best part? There is no producing, shipping, storing and tossing of said posters. When renting touch screen monitors, your technology partner will deliver, setup and pick-up your units without contributing to the local landfill.

Laptop Onsite Check-in and Registration Equals No Paperwork

Instead of having participants stand in long lines to check in or having pages of paper for onsite registrants to fill out, why not use ultrabook rentals to speed the process along and save some trees? With these laptop rentals, staff can move out into the lines and check-in preregistered attendees while those behind the desk can quickly and easily register walk-ins.

Remember to “Go Green” For The Entire Conference

The last thing your conference needs is for attendees to snap pics of Styrofoam cups, excess food waste or exhibitor marketing collateral piled in waste baskets on the trade show floor. If less than sustainable practices are observed by attendees, they may post these items on social channels. Make certain to reduce, reuse and recycle throughout your entire event!

Use a Gaming App to Help With Sustainability Measures

At last year’s Meet Green conference, they used a gaming app called “Get Your Green On” where attendees received points for doing sustainable acts such as:

  • Taking public transportation to and around the event
  • Walking to dinner or
  • Bringing your own reusable water bottle.

At the end of the conference, the individual with the most points won a prize, while at the same time, became more familiar with the technology used to score the points.

Hybrid Events Help Engage Remote Attendees

For a variety of reasons, some of the attendees you want at your event cannot make it. Technology can allow them to partake in one or more of the sessions remotely. In addition, if they download the conference apps to their computer, they can ask questions, take notes and participate in event surveys from the comfort of their home or office.

Key Takeaways on Sustainability

Technology rentals may increase your budget, however if you take a hard look at the systems and processes you are replacing, the bump in budget is probably not as drastic as you think it will be. In addition, digital offerings give you more depth and flexibility with sponsorship packages which can help minimize that differential even more. But most importantly, you are providing the technology attendees want while practicing sustainability at the same time.

Hartford Technology Rental is a Green Company

At Hartford Technology Rental, we take sustainability practices very seriously and have a green program we are proud to partake in. Give us a call at 888.520.5667 to learn more about the ways we can help your organization go green in the office and at your next event!