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Surface Hub Takes Collaborating to Whole New Level

Surface Hub Takes Collaborating to Whole New Level

Most teams consist of local and remote professionals that need to collaborate on complex projects – whether it is introducing a breakthrough product or preparing for a court case.

Now, there is a new product from Microsoft called the Surface Hub that acts as a computer, touch screen monitor, whiteboard and so much more. Today, let’s examine in detail all it has to offer and how it might be useful in your business, event or law firm as the ultimate collaboration device for your business.

Essential Elements of the Surface Hub

Two Screen Sizes

The Surface Hub comes in two sizes: a 55” HD model and an 84” 4K unit.

Touch Screen

With up to 100 simultaneous touch points, it is easy for several team members to be up at the display at the same time bringing in an application, highlighting a presentation point or starting a Skype call.

Hub Pens

Two pens are available for simultaneous scribing of brainstorming ideas and collaborative thoughts. Testers claim that there is no lag time and it is very much like a “pen on paper” experience for the user.

Operating System and Apps

This device comes with Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2016. Because this version of Office allows for collaboration, the persons in front of the Surface Hub will be able to see remote participants’ live edits in Word, Excel, PowerPoint or OneNote as they happen, with flags showing who’s editing what.

The OneNote whiteboard allows your team to annotate and post content from other apps, save your whiteboard as an OneNote file and email this file to other team members.

These software editions are fully scalable to the Hub’s larger screens.

Integrated Cameras and Skype

Two Wide Angle Cameras can allow for remote team members to see everyone in the room via high quality video feeds.

Skype for Business allows you to meet with up to 250 people remotely. In addition, you can schedule meetings in Outlook, and start conversations from apps like Word and PowerPoint. A remote user can join the meeting easily.

Inkback and Touchback

These features allow the changes made on the Surface Hub to sync back to the original device that streamed the content such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Multiple Connection Options

The Surface Hub can accept several input types including HDMI, Bluetooth and NFC devices.

Practical Applications for the Surface Hub

  • Harvard Law School uses the Surface Hub as a collaboration tool among professors, students and professionals to share and brainstorm new ways of completing research and improve teaching methods.
  • Drawboard sees the Hub as a way for a group to present new opportunities to a customer that is not available on a smaller screen. Collaborative thoughts can be marked on the presentation for the client to see as the meeting unfolds.
  • AMX by Harman finds the Hub’s ability to consume high quality digital content while integrating into their automation system to be a big plus in the team meeting experience.

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