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Strategies to Implement for Business Success

Strategies to Implement for Business Success

Once again, the New England Patriots are in the Big Game this coming Sunday. How is it that this team consistently gets into the championship football game year after year? It all starts with preparation, leadership and adaptability. How can businesses (and event organizers) apply these strategies? Let’s uncover some of the football strategies your business should implement to be successful.

Strategy 1 – Have a Purpose

For most teams, the goal is to get into the Super Bowl but for some, it might be to end up with a better record than the previous season. Whatever the goal is, the Coach, Assistants and GMs convey the message at the start of the season to the team and remind them during it.

Businesses must do the same thing; that is why writing a business plan is so important. If your business hasn’t done a plan for 2019 – it’s not too late! Get our highlights on the essential elements of a plan and the importance of creating your business plan.

This strategy applies if you are hosting an event. Do you know why and what type of experience you want to create?  Typically, you want to put together a meaningful, people-centric experience. Find out how to create a purposeful meeting using these 5 meeting pillars.

Strategy 2 – Develop a Budget

All organizations should develop a budget. For teams, it may involve deciding how much money to pay a free agent? Who are they going to draft and how will the contract/signing bonus impact the team’s finances? Do they need to bring in more trainers, assistant coaches?

A team is a business and business decisions impact profitability. Like a successful football team, it is essential that businesses develop (and adhere to) a budget. One area to pay close attention to is technology. Have you addressed this specific part of the budget? If not, start by answering several key questions that will help identify your top tech priorities for the upcoming year and then, develop your technology budget.

Strategy 3 – Team Building

It takes work to build a good football team and every player has to contribute and be vested, in order for the team to achieve its goal (Strategy 1). For this to happen, understanding and trusting ones teammates is critical for the team to succeed.

The same is true for a business. Every employee must understand that they play a vital role in the overall success of the business and must perform their role to the best of their abilities.  Have you ever thought about using a team building activity at your organization? It can help build relationships, trust and cohesiveness among participants. Get our roadmap on how to incorporate teambuilding at your organization.

Strategy 4 – Adaptability

One of the key factors to having a successful team is having a coach that is willing to adapt. He/She must adapt the game plan based on the opposition, adapt to the personalities of the individual players that form a team and even adapt to the external events both within and outside of the team.

Charles Darwin once said, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”

This strategy is especially true for businesses. Are you adapting to the changing trends in your industry? What about technology like voice-activated tech? Many enterprise organizations are testing digital assistants in the workplace. Discover which businesses are adapting to this technology and find out if your business is ready for voice-activated technology.

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