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Still on Windows 7? Time to Upgrade to Windows 10 is Now

Still on Windows 7? Time to Upgrade to Windows 10 is Now

If you are on Microsoft’s seventh generation OS, you’re not alone. According to a February 2018 report from StatCounter, Windows 10’s share of the market is 43%, Windows 7’s is 42%, leaving the remaining 15% using Windows 8 or Linux.

All support for Windows 7 will discontinue on January 14, 2020, just 17 short months away. Office 2019 will not be supported on Windows 7 or 8.1, when it comes out early next year – giving you another reason to upgrade.

Windows 10 offers many benefits over earlier versions, of which the three best ones are highlighted below. Here are five steps to get you moving.

Five Steps to Windows 10 Migration

  1. Make sure you have an authentic, licensed version of Microsoft.
    Pirated versions won’t be allowed the upgrade.
  2. Take a technology inventory.
    Windows 10 requires the following minimum hardware configuration:

    1. 1 GHz or faster processor
    2. 1 GB for 32-bit or 2 GB for 64-bit RAM
    3. 20 GB hard disk space
    4. DirectX 9 or later graphics card and a
    5. 1024 x 600 monitor

If your organization doesn’t have the right configuration, now is the time to upgrade your equipment. Purchase prices too steep? Consider corporate rentals or leasing alternatives to ease cash flow.

  1. Uninstall devices you don’t need.

    Go to the device manager and remove any peripheral you don’t use. Without this step, Windows 10 will upgrade useless drivers, thus taking up valuable migration time.


  2. Back up your system to an external hard drive or a server rental.

    Go to Settings > Update & Security > Backup. If you have multiple PCs doing this at the same time, establish a server partition for company backups to reside.


  3. Set aside roughly two hours for the upgrade. You will want to do this during non-peak hours, during the evening or over a weekend.

Windows 10 Benefits

Here are the improvements you will experience right away when upgrading to Windows 10:

  1. Speed.

    Since Windows 10 has a lower resource requirement, it is faster than Windows 7. It boots up to 28% quicker than previous OS versions. It also performs better on gaming systems.


  2. Usability.

    Windows 10 has the look and feel of 7, which makes the user experience more familiar.

    It supports touchscreen technology. This allows users to scroll with their fingers to navigate quickly between applications. Use the pen to scribe and draw. And even sign documents.


  3. Security.

    There is no doubt that having the most current operating system is one of the protections from cyberattacks. Security additions with Windows 10 include a tamper-proof Secure Boot, Device Guard, Microsoft Passport and Windows Defender. In addition, with the Spectrum and Meltdown chip vulnerabilities announced earlier this year, Windows 10 added patches to minimize weaknesses, which isn’t available in previous versions.

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