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Step-by-Step Event Promotion Guide Using Social Media

Step-by-Step Event Promotion Guide Using Social Media

These two social media darlings can provide your organization with meeting and event opportunities that can breathe new life into every gathering. How? It’s estimated that 50% of global smartphone users have the Facebook and/or Instagram app on their phone and access it daily, even if only for a few minutes.

How can you take advantage of these social media outlets? Today’s post will share important tips to reach a new audience, keep your existing attendee pool engaged and ultimately sell more conference registrations.

Using a Flywheel Approach

Assuming you provide engaging content that grabs a reader’s attention about your event, individuals will share your event with their followers on Facebook and Instagram. And the cycle continues as more content is provided. The idea is their sharing is more trustworthy than a targeted PPC approach. However, the bottom line is you must have compelling content that showcases your event and provides an easy-to-follow registration process.

If you buy-into flywheel marketing, your first order of business will be to recruit brand ambassadors and influencers to post and share content about your event. This needs to be a win-win situation where they obtain as much out of the arrangement as you do. Ideally, you want to ask people with large FB and Instagram followings.

Lastly, remember to ask attendees and sponsors to share your event and posts with their followers. Make it easy by giving them a few pre-written posts that includes your event hashtag.

Facebook Insights

  1. Set up your business Facebook page and obtain as many quality followers as possible.
    You may already have completed this step. However, if you haven’t posted on the page for a long time or you don’t have a significant number of followers, concentrate on this effort first.
  2. Create a Facebook Event and Feed the Beast.
    Those that are already following your business page, will receive notification the event has been created and every time it’s updated with new information.

    Consider posting once a day to the page. These posts should include a variety of pictures, professional videos or Facebook Live feeds. Include:

    1. More information about speakers or topics
    2. News articles about the conference, speakers, topics or your company
    4. Sponsor spotlights
  3. Include the registration link on the Event Page.
    Events that have a registration link sell two times more tickets than those that don’t.
  4. Post the event in your Groups.
    For example, if you are a fitness company you may want to let individuals within your health and wellness groups know about your event. One caveat: Be sure not to post too often or come off as too pushy, as that can cause people in the group to complain about your content.

Instagram Insights

  1. Create Instagram Stories.
    What is this? It’s a series of video and/or photos that are strung together to make up a larger story. Once published, they are viewable up to 24 hours. The amazing factoid is that 33% of the most viewed stories come from businesses!

    At the event, be sure to arm your brand ambassadors with ipad rentals so the stories can continue during the event. Provide them with unique takes, such as behind the scenes access.

  2. Use Instagram Live.
    Much like Facebook Live, you can create buzz through this medium. The Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden created an Instagram Live feed every Thursday only one topic each time. It gave their audience two things: education and event information.
  3. Host at least one contest.
    Asking people to caption a photo, share content when they’re onsite or create a filter that’s funny. Ask Instagrammers to vote with their like buttons.
  4. Use a lot of hashtags.
    With each Instagram post, you can have up to 30 hashtags. You want to have your event hashtag in each post. Remember, this is how people search for content here.

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