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Sponsors Strike Gold with a Multitude of Tech Options

Sponsors Strike Gold with a Multitude of Tech Options

Mobile, Geofencing & Livestreaming Dominate Technology Options

Great news for event planners: Due to massive technological innovations, you currently have and will continue to have a broader spectrum of sponsorship options to offer. And, the best news? You will be able to develop these options that can fit into any organization’s budget while providing intelligent metrics to help sponsors measure their ROI.


Here are four ways you can help sponsors shine on mobile technology such as iPad or tablet rentals:

  • Create a Wi-Fi splash page displaying the sponsor’s logo prominently on the page. A splash page is where everyone who attends the event must sign in to access the Internet.
  • Create individual sponsorship pages that contain:
    • A brief profile about the organization
    • Their logo
    • Hyperlink to the company’s landing page
    • An email to ask questions or schedule time at the conference
    • All their social media links so attendees can follow them and
    • Hyperlinks to recent blog posts or press releases
  • Run brief banner video ads just before the description of each workshop event
  • If you write or customize your own app, look for easy ways to integrate sponsor information without overwhelming your attendees. For example:
    • If you have a gamification app, at certain points throughout the game, users cannot go any further without viewing a brief video, or answering questions.
    • Presentation apps can have “sponsorship breaks” – where attendees can learn more about the sponsor during a presentation.


Geo-location technology allows sponsors to send messages to an attendee’s mobile device, as they approach the sponsor’s booth, with a specialized message or offer that is tailored specifically to that attendee’s needs.

Sponsors can now measure, how many

  • People were sent the geo-message
  • Came to the booth and used the offer
  • Times attendees returned to the booth
  •  Minutes they were there

And while this seems a bit “big brother” like, more and more companies and organizations will be using Geofencing to monitor and influence individual’s buying habits. Get used to it and employ this technology to increase your conference’s competitive edge.

Live Streaming

Podcasts and video streaming can be very effective at a large meeting and/or trade show. Here are four creative ideas:

  • A sponsor can create a radio station environment where they interview speakers and VIPs. These interviews can be livestreamed onto large monitor rentals strategically positioned around the conference. In addition, these interviews can be saved as podcasts for attendees to listen at a later date.
  • Encourage contests for sponsors to give away their products or services. Announce each contest on an Instagram video, gather responses via social and announce the winners live on stage – noting the sponsor in all three arenas.
  • Have an “Hour Sponsor” where every open trade show hour, you will live stream video content at a different exhibitor to drive attendees to their booth.
  • Through live streaming apps such as Periscope, Blab and Meerkat, attendees can engage with sponsors via messaging options that occur on a real time basis.

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