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Social Media Enhancements Spur On Event Engagement

Social Media Enhancements Spur On Event Engagement

Most everyone who comes to an event nowadays has a smartphone at their disposal filled with apps. With social channels competing for more of the app space among users, it shouldn’t surprise you that Facebook and Twitter are continuing to change to meet the new needs of the technology generation.

Today’s blog focuses on the latest round of improvements by Facebook and Twitter, and how event planners can use these social channels to drive engagement at meetings or conferences.

Facebook Enhancements

Facebook implemented several updates that are meant to better serve their ever expanding audience. With 1.54 billion active users, Facebook has blurred the social line to match both personal and business purposes. Here are the three significant improvements to focus on and how you can use them with your meeting participants:

Facebook Reactions

Rather than simply expressing a “Like” for a post, users can now add the following emotions to it:

  • Love
  • Ha Ha
  • Wow
  • Sad or
  • Angry

The thought is that not everything someone writes constitutes a like, but rather, other emotions more aptly apply. This can transform into the world of events with praise (or not) for presenters, the venue or the general feel and look of the conference.

Facebook Live

As each person opens their individual Facebook account on their smartphone and the app asks “What’s on your mind?”, there is a status button below it called “Live Video”. When they click on this, it will bring up a screen to describe the video and then, they press “Go Live” to record the video.

Individuals viewing the video in real-time can react to it and ask questions or make comments. There is no time limit to the recording and all the user has to do is tap “finish” to complete the video.

Even though this video will show up on the attendee’s individual Facebook page, they can share it on your company page.

In addition, Facebook Live allows direct posting on Group and Event pages, so it might be wise to direct them to this page when posting at your event.

Facebook 360

This feature allows users to view videos and photographs in Virtual Reality and works in conjunction with Samsung Gear VR rental units or Octulus Rift rentals. As the video plays, the scene comes alive.

Users can use their finger to move around within the video or photograph and explore every angle. To learn more about this new offering, here is the information about Facebook 360.

Event participants can experience first-hand new product offerings; walk into companies they are thinking about doing business with or learn more about destinations they wish to travel to in the future.

Twitter Enhancements


You can ask multiple choice questions, with up to four responses, for attendees (and your Twitter followers) to answer for up to seven days.

This is a perfect choice for events with a lot of Twitter followers and can be used as a feedback forum within a presentation, immediately following one or at the end of the conference.

Longer Videos

Twitter allows users to now upload native videos that reside on their computer that are 140 seconds (or 2 minutes and 10 seconds) in length.

You and your meeting participants can take videos during the conference and post them days or weeks later using the event hashtag and company handle.

Interactive Videos with Periscope

Periscope, which was acquired by Twitter in 2015, has live broadcast capabilities within a tweet. Meeting participants don’t need a Periscope account to make comments or ask questions of the person using Periscope

Event participants can be at the venue or virtually tap into this application to view and hear your speaker. Since there is no cut-off time for the length of the video, this is a perfect vehicle for Q&A sessions during or at the end of each presenter’s talk.

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