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Short-Term Project Coming Up? Why Computer Rental Makes Sense

Short-Term Project Coming Up? Why Computer Rental Makes Sense

When you have a need for computer technology for a day, week or even several months because of a special company initiative or short-term project, rent computers and/or laptops is the best way to proceed.

Below are some examples of special projects, the four key benefits of computer rental and how Hartford Technology Rental can help.

Short-Term Project Examples

What is a good example of a short-term need? Here are a few real-life scenarios:

  • Research project for a new product or service
    This may require having individuals huddled in one physical location for the final presentation or additional collaboration.
  • College Summer Internship
    These are usually 3 month gigs and once the student goes back to school, your need to rent a laptop is gone.
  • Upswing in Demand that Requires Temporary Workers.
    Perhaps you run an accounting firm and need extra help during tax season or you are heading a legal team on a large case. Whatever it is, you need more computer and copier rentals for that period of time.
  • Trade Show Booths
    You and your staff are going to a number of trade shows this year, and it doesn’t make
    sense to pack, ship and store your computers and iPads for a 3-day event. It is much
    easier to rent iPads and computers from a local vendor.
  • Field Test of “Try before You Buy”
    You are going to replace your computers and upgrade them to new technology. But what should you choose? Laptops? Desktops? iPads? Why not set up a technology testing lounge where individuals from your organization can try out different systems over a period of days.

Benefits of Renting versus Purchasing Technology Outright

There are many benefits of renting, especially if you are looking to have the technology in place for less than one year. Here are four key reasons why renting makes sense:

  1. Technology is changing every 18-24 months.
    As we look to the horizon in 2015 and beyond, technology will continue to evolve and change even faster. Most corporations require a 3-5 year write off period for computer purchases. Don’t get caught in this scenario where you can’t change because accounting says so!

    Rent computers to allow you maximum flexibility by having what you want, when you want it.

  2. No worries about retiring products.
    Once you decide to move new technology in, then you have to find homes for the old technology – not to mention making sure all the applications and files are decommissioned. This can take hours of time on just one computer! Think of the hassle with multiple devices.

    When you rent, you just call your computer rental company and ask them to pick up the devices.

  3. Your capital budget will be saved.
    No more carving out thousands of dollars for technology on your already constrained budget.

    Rent for only the period of time you need.

  4. No need to install operating systems, apps and security software.
    This is all preconfigured when you rent your devices, which will save your organization loads of time.

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