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Set Up Your iPad Kiosk

Set Up Your iPad Kiosk

Setting up a kiosk at an event doesn’t need to take a lot of time or effort. Gone are the days of endless pamphlets, display sheets and signup sheets. No, today, technology makes communicating with event attendees easier and efficient.

Today’s kiosks revolve around an iPad (or iPads). These powerful tablets can help save you money, improve efficiency, and also save time. That’s why today, we’re breaking down five easy steps to remember when you’re preparing your iPad kiosk for events.

Steps to Setting Up your iPad Kiosk

Choose an App

First thing’s first. You need to choose an app to act as the user interface for your iPad kiosk. Depending on your situation, some apps will work better than others. Try to find software that’s built for your niche.

For instance, don’t use software for non-profits if you’re trying to promote your new product. Software developers build software around the needs of specific fields. 

Configure Your iPad Kiosk

Any iPad has a unique configuration called “Guided Access” which is actually an accessibility feature. However, that feature also puts the iPad into what amounts to “kiosk mode.”

First, open “Settings” and navigate to “General” and then “Accessibility.” Select “Guided Access” and turn the setting on. Next set a passcode for that setting and open your kiosk app.

Once the app is open, you will need to triple click the home button to start kiosk mode. The options “Hardware Buttons,” “Touch,” and “Motion” will all appear at the bottom of the screen. Turn off hardware function, limit touch function, and stop the screen from rotating.

Decide What You’re Showing

Now that you’re in your chosen app and have kiosk mode enabled, you’ll need to decide on your strategy. That is, what are you trying to accomplish with your kiosk? Are you trying to collect email addresses? What about play promotional videos? Showcasing a new product or service?

Most apps have a variety of functions that allow you to choose how to best utilize your iPad kiosk. In some cases, it’s smart to run multiple iPad kiosks to simultaneously use several features within your app.

Low Overhead

Renting an iPad kiosk can save your company money especially if you only need them occasionally throughout the year. No sense investing in this type of technology when your business doesn’t consistently need a kiosk. However, when you do need to create a presence on an exhibit floor, using an iPad kiosk makes sense – its set up is inexpensive, quick, and simple.

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