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Set the Perfect Event Stage in 5 Easy Steps

Set the Perfect Event Stage in 5 Easy Steps

Whether you realize it or not, the stage is the focal point for every meeting you host. Taking the time to make the stage special, can bring accolades to your event planning skills both from the attendees and your presenters. Follow these easy steps to ensure a smooth set-up process for the perfect event stage.

Five Steps to Stage Success

  1. Obtain the right riser.
    First, focus on the height. How tall should the riser be so everyone can see the speaker or panel members? If the meeting is of medium size, a one foot riser may be enough. But for a large gathering, three feet or more may be needed. The key is to make sure the last person in the last row can easily see the activity on stage.

    Second, focus on width. A super large stage with one presenter can dwarf the speaker, while a small stage with 10 people on it can be equally distracting to audience members. In addition, be sure to account for other things that may be on the stage such as the sound system, lectern, tables and screens.

    However, sometimes stages are already built-in and you cannot control the physical size. If this is the case and you only have one speaker, use curtains or draping to make it look smaller. Conversely, with a large group on stage, be sure to remove any décor, drapery or obstacles. You want to make the stage comfortable for panelists in every way.

  2. Check out stage entry points.
    Will presenters be taking the stairs to access the stage or will they be backstage? Do you have any speakers where the stairs may be challenging? Review with each speaker the number of steps and whether or not a handrail is available. Make sure the steps are safe, with no cables or electrical wiring in the access area.

    If you are concerned at all about safety, have a volunteer stand by the steps to guide your presenters up and down the stairs.

  3. Get the right lectern.
    Whether it is acrylic, plastic or wooden, check on the lectern in each meeting room. Since this is often the focal point on the stage, be sure the podium is full length (not one that sits on a table) and it’s in good shape. In addition, if it has the venue’s name on it, see if you can obtain a plain podium or cover up their logo with your own organizational or event brand.

    In addition, if you are not going to use the microphone attached to the podium, have the venue staff remove it.

  4. Select the screen that works.
    Don’t always count on the venue to supply the right screen size for your event. Look at large monitor rentals, which can be placed strategically on stage and throughout the room. The key is to select a screen, video wall or series of monitors that don’t crowd the stage, all the while maximizing the viewing capability of the attendees.

  5. Keep it simple.
    Don’t add decorations, banners or anything else that can take away from the simplicity of a well-set stage.

After everything is set up, take one last look at the stage from all angles. A good looking riser is staged just right!

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