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Serverless Computing? Edge Computing? It’s Coming

Serverless Computing? Edge Computing? It’s Coming

If you are a software developer, programmer or IT professional, you may have heard the above terms bantered about, especially as more computing power is moving away from central data centers.

Today’s blog will focus on what these technologies are, how adaptable they are in today’s world and what to look out for as these computing solutions evolve.

What is Serverless Computing?

Serverless computing is a type of cloud computing where the customer accesses services as they are needed. The cloud provider starts and stops a “platform as a service” as requests come in and the provider bills according to time used.

Who are the Big Players?

As of today, the big players are:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon Web Services Lambda
  • Google Cloud Functions and
  • OpenWhisk

What Questions Should You Ask?

Because each of these platforms are different, you need to ask each provider three questions to narrow down the best platform for your organization:

  1. What capabilities does the platform offer?
  2. What kind of performance (speed, uptime) can be expected?
  3. How is the service level agreement structured?

What are the 4 Major Benefits of Serverless?

  1. Portability from one cloud platform to another (more of an ideology currently versus actual offering)
  2. Auto-scalability – increase storage based on demand at that moment in time
  3. Micro-billing – only pay for the cloud usage for each second of time
  4. No Virtual Machines required

What is Edge Computing?

Edge computing is pushing computing applications, data, and services away from centralized nodes to the logical extremes of a network. It enables analytics and knowledge generation to occur at the source of the data. In other words, it is running data analytics from the smallest to the largest device, from the IoT digital assistant to the mainframe computer.

Why is the Edge Platform Important?

The big driver for Edge is machine learning (AI), as devices become more and more intelligent.

Are Serverless and Edge Computing Going to Intersect?

The simple answer is yes! The reasons are many, but the primary one is for developers to run an AI app in the cloud where auto-scaling and micro-billing can occur and then transfer the code to the edge platform. This is the most efficient use of both platforms.


It is hard to say how this technology will evolve and what it will ultimately look like, but Mark Russinovich of Microsoft believes organizations need to be ready for both serverless and edge computing options. A lot of things need to be worked out, such as open source and cybersecurity standards, as well as, advancements in AI for auto-scaling and micro-billing to actually work on Edge devices.

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