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Secure More Sponsors with These Simple Strategies

Secure More Sponsors with These Simple Strategies

Global Experience Specialists (GES), a full service provider for live events, recently completed two surveys of 39,000 exhibitors and 2,500 organizers regarding their prospective on sponsorship offerings, strategies and measurements.

Here is a synopsis of what the survey said and strategies you can implement today to assist in your sponsorship sales efforts.

Sponsorship Survey Results

82% of organizers do not offer their sponsors a report on the effectiveness of their sponsorships.

With more traditional offerings such as printed programs and signage, this would be difficult to do. The metrics with these types of sponsorships have typically been measured by the total number of attendees at the conference, demographic data including a breakdown of planners versus suppliers and a count of individuals that actually visited a sponsor’s booth.

However, digital offerings such as apps that reside on iPad rentals or touch screen rentals can absolutely give sponsors deeper measurements including views and clicks of their videos, whether or not attendees moved to the sponsor’s website or took advantage of their online offering. These reports are available on a real-time basis and can be delivered to the sponsors at any time.

When asked the question “Why Sponsor?” 61% percent of exhibitors wanted to get more visibility about their brand.

There are endless ways to enhance your sponsors brand awareness whether it is through enveloping PowerPoint presentations via laser projector rentals, displaying product demonstrations on video wall rentals in the exhibition booth or logo projection via a pinpoint lighting system. Making attendees aware of your sponsors well before going to their booth should be an integral part of your selling strategy.

56% of organizers expect revenues from sponsorships to increase over the next 3-4 years.

This is great news especially if your budget for technology continues to be tight. Having several event sponsors divided between the types of technology implemented, will help justify those choices to upper management.

Sponsorship Strategies

When you approach sponsors, give them a lot of time to garner approval from their management. In addition, follow these three simple suggestions:

  1. Make sure your attendee and sponsorship mix are a good fit.

    When pitching sponsorships, you need to be prepared to share everything about your attendees and make certain your sponsors are marketing to the right audience. And by the same token, make sure attendees are interested in what your sponsors are selling.

    If it isn’t right, say no right away and move on.

  2. Provide guidelines.

    Can sponsors become event speakers? How much time do they have face-to-face before or after the event? What about positioning on the trade show floor?

    Develop a set of guidelines that tells the sponsor what they can and cannot do. Be clear and put it in writing.

  3. Offer lots of choices and be flexible.

    Offerings used to entail platinum, diamond, silver, gold and bronze sponsors. Enhance these offerings or get rid of them all together. Find out what the sponsor wants and try and meet their needs. With event technology, you have many more offerings than programs and posters could ever provide.

    One word of caution: Make sure their offer is fair and equable to both parties. In other words, don’t give a sponsor the world if their contribution is minimal. Measure their dollar benefit to your event and again, put everything in writing.

Hartford Technology Rental Can Help Make Your Sponsors Shine

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