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Secrets to a Successful Product Launch

Secrets to a Successful Product Launch

You have a new product or service you want to introduce to the world sometime in the first half of this year. What worries you is you have been involved in product launches in the past that…well…haven’t gotten the customer or media traction you thought they deserved.

Today is a new day to learn something from what worked and what did not. I think a successful launch is all about the environment (location, location, location) and the message. A great product launch can enforce your brand, allow your team to convert new customers and even increase employee engagement.


  • Where should the event be held?
    In the interest of budget, your management team might default to the headquarters location, but resist this temptation. Let’s face it, your business address is boring. Try to identify fun and interesting venues that will attract the most desirability. Here are a few suggestions:

    • Historic Venue
    • Museum
    • Professional Baseball Stadium
    • Professional Basketball Arena
    • Country Club
    • Waterfront Restaurant
    • Casino
    • Waterpark with Meeting Space

Be sure to explore the parking options and estimate how many spaces you will need. If space is limited and you expect elderly participants and/or inclement weather, hire a valet service.

  • What room size and A/V equipment do you need?

    Check out venues that have small, medium and large spaces. Depending on the receptivity to your invitation, you may need to scale up or down from the original attendee projections.

    What technology do you need for the launch? Here are the most requested items:

  • What food and beverage are you going to serve?
    Figure out the timing of the event and what you are allocated to spend. Remember, full-course, sit down meals with an open bar are the most expensive versus a continental breakfast with coffee on a buffet stand. Determine if the venue can provide the food or if you need to hire an outside caterer. Lastly, check on the liquor license of the facility. If you are serving alcohol, a temporary liquor license may be in order.

Product Launch Message

  • Who are you talking to?
    There are potentially three different tiers for your product launch; all with unique content delivery needs. Here are niches and suggestions how to deliver the message effectively:

    • Sales Team: After the product specifications are delivered to the team, give tablet rentals to meeting participants to brainstorm about ways to deliver the announcement to their clients and prospects.
    • Employees: Make the event interesting and fun. Start with icebreakers, have the CEO deliver the message and follow it up with a trip to a ball game to maximize internal networking opportunities.
    • Customers and Prospects: Help ensure they understand the announcement fully. Provide iPad rentals on kiosk stands around the meeting space and ask that they take a short quiz about what was just announced for the opportunity to win the new product or a significant prize offering.
  • How will you measure success?
    It is important to note whether the event met your goals or not. Here are simple ways to do so:

    • Track how many qualified leads came from the event.
    • Measure social media mentions at the event and for the next week.
    • If you have a newsletter and you drove them to your website, count how many new subscribers were generated.
    • Count press mentions.
    • How much business was closed after the event.

Hartford Technology Rental is Launch Ready

Successful product launches set the tone about your company and its brand. Hartford Technology Rental can make your launch very successful by offering the right technology tools. Give us a call today at 888.520.5667.