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Renting iPads in Bulk Makes Sense and Saves Cents Too

Renting iPads in Bulk Makes Sense and Saves Cents Too

Have you ever had a need to rent iPads in large quantity? Or thought about doing so but then considered it might be impossible to get the quantity you need from one vendor, so you changed your mind?

iPad rentals make sense in a lot of situations, and when you rent them in bulk, you can save money due to sheer economies of scale. These devices particularly work effectively in the following five scenarios.

5 Targeted Markets

Application Developers

If you are developing an iOS application and want to test it across multiple iPads to see if there is any lag times in loading when they are attached to the Wi-Fi network OR run large test groups to understand if there are any difficulties in app navigation and function, bulk Apple rentals for a few days makes a lot of sense in terms of time and money well spent.  Your team can correct the code before it rolls out instead of downloading fixes after the software goes live.

Retailers and Restaurants

If you are a large retailer and participate in a pop-up retail strategy across the country (running your operation from short-term sales spaces) or you run a large restaurant franchise and are using food trucks to promote your brand in multiple cities, bulk iPad rentals with credit card apps  such as Flint, InnerFence and Square will allow you to take orders and payments easily and securely in these temporary outlets.

Corporation Executives

Often this is the time of year, CEOs and other high level executives’ schedule the executive retreat or strategy sessions which can include upwards of 150 key executives. Renting iPads, already loaded with a mind mapping app for brainstorming, a presentation app for discussion and a note taking app that can consolidate all the notes in the cloud, will allow for maximum creativity efforts with minimum time.

Show Managers

If you are running a large trade show, iPad kiosk rentals are ideal ways for exhibitors to show off their products and services via videos, photos and presentations. In addition, you can have your technology supplier load a lead generation tools such as Zuant, OnSpot Social or Validar as an added bonus so exhibitors can easily and readily collect those precious leads.

Meeting Planners

Rather than having your attendees carry around large, unwieldy binders, why not move everything to apps on the iPad? When attendees register for the event, they can pick up their iPad which will serve as their meeting guide. With the right applications, they can view and take notes within each presentation, make comments on social media and even connect via LinkedIn with those closest to them at the conference.

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