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Rent the Right Projector for Your Next Presentation

Rent the Right Projector for Your Next Presentation

3 Projection Technologies for Different Meeting Types

When you hold a meeting or event, it is vital to rent the projector that best serves the needs of your meeting attendees. The tried and true standby is LCD technology but the newer and more versatile LED and DLP projectors have a place at the table too (literally)!

Here is what you need to know about projection technology to make an informed decision about a projector rental for your next corporate meeting or event.

LCD Serve Large Meetings

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) projectors have been a meeting mainstay for over 40 years. This projector displays video, images and data on a screen or monitor rental. The lighting source is a lamp, that needs to be replaced every 2-4K hours.


  • No moving parts within the unit so it can move and store easily
  • Works well in multiple environments because of low and high lumen output
  • The largest range of model choices from basic to deluxe
  • Best for large meetings due to zoom capabilities
  • Many have built-in audio speakers, avoiding the cost of a sound system


  • Older technology – been around since the 1980s
  • Uses lamps which need to be replaced more frequently than other projectors
  • Biggest projector of the three offerings

LED: Medium to Small Meetings

Light Emitting Diode (LED) projectors use LED lighting instead of incandescent lamps to project images. This technology lends itself even to very small, portable Pico projectors which can display images from smartphones, tablets and digital cameras.


  • No warm up or cool time required – can be used at a moment’s notice
  • Quieter than other projector types
  • Very long lamp life – probably for life of the projector
  • Small and light
  • Can be battery or solar powered if electricity is an issue


  • Doesn’t have the brightness of LCD projectors
  • Not always compatible with video standards

DLP: Small Meetings

There is a new player on the projector forefront – Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology. Even though it was introduced in 1997, over the last few years, it has gained momentum because of innovative improvements and general acceptance into mainstream meetings and events.

DLP rely primarily on a chip comprised of up to two million tiny mirrors, no wider than one-fifth the width of a human hair. Each mirror in this chip is capable of independent adjustment, moving toward or away from the light source. These projectors are smaller and thinner than LCD devices.


  • Delivers the sharpest images compared to the other projectors
  • Does not require any filters
  • Can handle 3D capabilities
  • Thin and small


  • Not readily compatible with zoom lenses or lens shift functions, which means they are best suited to smaller meetings.
  • Newest technology on the market, not as many models available

Hartford Technology Rental Has Projectors

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