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Red, White, And Apps

Red, White, And Apps

In the spirit of this Fourth of July holiday week, we’ve decided to give you 3 of our top app recommendations based on our country’s colors. So, if you’re looking to decorate your iPad’s home screen with some red, white, and blue; look no further!

Red—Flipboard: This app gives you all the news you want in one place. It’s a personal news magazine where you choose from a wide range of topics to follow, allowing you to have a news feed solely full of news that you actually care about. You can also make your own magazine. That’s not all though, you can also use Flipboard to flip through social networks and share your favorite photos, articles, etc. on any of your pages! With that said, you can also see what your friends are sharing. All in all, Flipboard is a fun way to catch up on all of your news.

White—Uber: More along the lines of a travel app, rather than a news app, Uber is the key to getting around a city when you don’t want to and/or can’t drive. Use the app to request a private car in any city that service is available. The app lets the driver know precisely where to pick you up and how long until they arrive. You can even see on the app’s map where your driver is en route. When you set up the app, you put in your credit card information so the fare is automatically charged to your card (tip included) at the end of each ride. You’ll then receive a detailed receipt within the app as well as via email. Depending on the city, Uber can be used for taxis as well.

Blue—Adobe Photoshop Express: Perfect for all of you photo-editing Instagram lovers, this app allows for those little fixes on the go; cropping, red eye, lighting, etc. Choose from a variety of one-touch effects, or simply drag your finger across the screen to crop, rotate, or adjust color. A copy of your original photo is always saved and you can undo and redo until your artistic editing process is up to your satisfaction. It also offers in-app purchases.