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Reasons for Mobile Device Charging Station at Events

Reasons for Mobile Device Charging Station at Events

One of the worst feelings is being away from home and your phone is dying. An even worse feeling is not having a charger with you. Luckily, technology has given us the gift of convenience wherever we go.

If you want to stick out in the crowd at your next event, try solving this issue for people. Check out five reasons why you should be using a mobile device charging station at your next event.

1. Catch Attention

Usually, a large kiosk in the middle of anywhere will at least grab the eye of someone passing by. Placing a mobile device charging station at your event or an exhibit table would be no exception. 

This is a great idea if you want to initially catch people’s attention who may not have noticed you before. 

2. Attract More Visitors

If you are at an event that requires you to stand out from the crowd, a mobile device charging station will do just the trick. Even if someone is unsure of your business or not interested, they’ll at least stop by for their own personal reason -which would be a dying battery.

The kiosk is great for promoting more foot traffic for your exhibits at events such as trade shows. Then you have the opportunity (which you may not otherwise have had) to reel people in and educate about your company.

3. Provide Convenience

If nothing else, having a mobile device charging station at your event provides convenience for everyone in attendance. How many times have you been stranded somewhere without an outlet in sight? This kiosk could be someone’s savior.

It would also make the event more enjoyable for people and gives a better reputation for your business.

4. Custom Branding Opportunity

A mobile device charging station is the perfect opportunity for you (or other brands featured at the event) to promote your brand. The kiosks are typically large, colorful and eye-capturing. Adding your logo and brand colors to the machine will increase the chance of establishing a memorable for your company.

You can attract sponsorships (if applicable) to your event by pitching the use of mobile charging stations as advertising tools.

5. Security for Attendees

Most mobile device charging stations are now equipped with lockers for a safe and secure charging experience for users. This makes attendees feel even more content and comfortable at your event.

Having this level of security also allows attendees to walk around to mix and mingle or engage in conversation about your business while their phones are charging. This ultimately means that participants stick around longer at your event or exhibit. 

Considering Renting a Mobile Device Charging Station?

It’s best to keep up with the times if you want to keep people engaged and happy. Featuring a mobile device charging station at your next event is bound to capture attention and potentially increase your visitor rate. 

This kiosk can make your attendee’s time more convenient and enjoyable. If you’re interested in renting a mobile device charging station kiosk, we offer nationwide delivery and competitive rates. Give us a call today at 888-520-5667 for more information.