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Questions to Ask When Evaluating Shredding Services

Questions to Ask When Evaluating Shredding Services

Are you slowly moving your documents and applications to the cloud? Do you have useless documents dating back to 1959 stacked in twenty-five banker boxes stored in a remote location of your building? If you answered “yes”, you should consider renting a shredder machine to protect your company, employees’ and clients’ data from getting into the wrong hands.

But with all the choices in the market, which solution will serve your needs the best? Here are seven questions to go through before calling a rental organization.

Factors to Consider for Document Shredding

  1. Why do you need the document?
    Here is a list of things that must be shredded:

    1. Credit card statements, with full CC numbers
    2. Bank statements
    3. Purchase orders that contain the client’s EIN
    4. Confidential employee information, such as W-9s with copies of their driver’s license or SSN
    5. Medical records
    6. Human Resources files
    7. Lawsuit information

If the information is sensitive, confidential or could be fodder for identify thieves, you need to shred the documents before disposing of them.

  1. How much paperwork are you getting rid of?
    While this may be hard to know until you open file cabinets and banker’s boxes, you should try and take a guess on the volume. Remember this rule of thumb when trying to decide on a small or large shredder – the smaller the shredder, the slower it is. So, if you have all day to shred paper or don’t have a huge amount, perhaps you can get away with something small. As a cost savings measure, it’s better to rent one or more large unit than several slower ones.
  2. What about volume and speed?
    How many pages do you want to put in it at once and how fast do you want it to work? Larger shredders can handle several pages at a time and chug along at a pretty good speed.
  3. How do you avoid jams?
    Most of the time, you can reverse the process and put in less paper or take out a foreign object such as a credit card or piece of cardboard. However, if paper still won’t go through, contact your rental provider for more guidance or to send a technician out to your office. Our line of shredders is generally jam-free.
  4. Do you want to know when the shredder it full?
    Some units come with a lighting system that will tell you when it has met its capacity. This leaves you one of three options: 1) pull the bag out and put a fresh one in or 2) move over to another shredder or 3) call the rental company to pick up the contents.
  5. What about cutting style?
    We recommend you always rent a cross-cut shredder with NSA level three or higher for security measures. Strip cut units are slow and the data can easily be put back together.
  6. What if you don’t have time to complete this process?
    Initially, shredding can be an overwhelming task. Look for a vendor who can provide the shredders and the service to go along with it.

Hartford Technology Rental Can Help

By answering the questions above, we can guide you into the perfect solution for your needs. We offer NSA Security Level P3 shredding machines for rent that are designed for confidential, commercial, corporate, and personal data disposal.

We offer both the equipment and people to do the work. Give us a call today at 888-520-5667 to schedule your shredding service today!