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Protect Your Business – Shred Important Documents

Protect Your Business – Shred Important Documents

Your business is important, and one way to protect it is by shredding key business documents. There are many reasons to look at shredder rentals, but the two most prominent ones are:

  1. Peace of mind that your documents are securely destroyed and
  2. Complying with federal and state laws and regulations.

Even though those reasons are very compelling, the truth of the matter is there are other factors to examine when renting a shredder. Let’s look at the key reasons to shred business documents and review the type of commercial shredder you should consider since shredders are not all created equal.

Why Shred Business Documents?

  1. Stop Dumpster Divers.
    If your organization is in a competitive industry, it is quite possible your competitors routinely go through your trash looking for sales lists, vendor communications and customer information. They can take this data, especially if it includes emails and phone numbers, to contact your clients and try to poach them away from you.

  2. Prohibit identity theft.
    Your company has vital information in its files that includes employees’ full names, date of birth and social security numbers. Identity theft is the top consumer complaint in the Federal Trade Commission’s national ranking of consumer complaints.  According to Credit.com, so far in 2015, the data preach problem that drives many identity-related crimes has gotten worse. The massive comprises at Athem and Premera alone put a combined 91 million records in harm’s way.

    So you can see, if this information gets into the wrong hands, hundreds of hours can be spent trying to correct and track down the identity thief. Time (and money) your business probably cannot afford to spend.

  3. Follow Federal Laws.
    According to The Fair Credit Reporting Act: Disposal Rule, proper disposal of consumer information needs to occur when any person, who maintains or otherwise possesses consumer information for a business purpose, must properly dispose of such information by taking reasonable measures to protect against unauthorized access to or use of the information. If your company does not comply with these standards, you may be subject to fines from the government and legal action from the damaged party.

    The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) specifies a series of administrative, physical and technical safeguards for covered entities and their business associates to assure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of electronic protected health information. This is generally employee health information and anything tied to it including but not limited to, tests, screenings and diagnosis. Any of this information getting into the hands of the wrong person can be devastating.

How to Choose the Proper Commercial Paper Shredder

Shredders have three ways to destroy documents:

  1. Strip-Cut: paper is cut into long strips. This is good for low security documents.
  2. Cross-Cut:  paper is cut into small rectangles and this option provides medium security.
  3. Micro Cross-Cut: provides even smaller rectangles and is great for high security jobs.

Shredders are measured in two ways:

  1. Horse Power (HP) Rating: Which ranges from .5 to 2 HP. Typically, the higher the HP the more pages the unit can shred at one time.
  2. Destruction Capability: The type of media the shredder can handle – whether it just it paper or can include CD/DVDs, credit cards and computer/smartphone memory cards.

If you are a governmental entity, you will need to look at levels of security. The National Security Administration (NSA) has come out with various levels from 1-7. Hartford Technology Rental has been evaluated and approved from the NSA for Levels 3-6 shredder rentals. Here is what those levels mean:

Level 3: Recommended for organizations holding sensitive, confidential and personal data. Shredded data can only be reproduced with considerable effort.

Level 4: Recommended for entities holding particularly sensitive, confidential and personal data. Shredded data can only be reproduced using equipment not normally available commercially.

Level 5: Recommended for organization holding confidential information. Shredded data is unlikely to be reproduced.

Level 6: Recommended for agencies holding confidential information demanding an exceptionally high level of security. Shredded data cannot be reproduced.  

Hartford Technology Rental Provides Commercial Paper Shredders

At Hartford Technology Rental, we rent cross-cut shredders in the Chicago and Washington, DC areas that will meet your needs.

If you don’t have time to do the shredding yourself, we can come to you and shred your sensitive documents onsite. We provide 65 gallon secure collection carts and when they are full, we will come out and complete the shredding.

Give us a call today at 888.520.5667 to learn more!