Protect Your Business amid Coronavirus Outbreak

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Protect Your Business amid Coronavirus Outbreak | Hartford Technology

As the recent coronavirus outbreak continues, businesses in the U.S. are now starting to feel its impact with the manufacturing in China slowing to a crawl, the cancellation of major events to companies limiting employee travel and face-to-face meetings. Let’s take a deeper look into each of these and learn what your business can do to protect itself and employees.

Slowdown in Manufacturing

Media outlets are reporting that the virus outbreak in China is affecting nearly every sector of tech manufacturing. In fact, a new report from analysis firm Trendforce indicates a significant decrease in the first quarter forecast for most high-tech goods manufactured in China. It is believed that TV and monitor production is estimated to be down by 5% for each. Production for laptops, smartphones and video game consoles is expected to fall by double-digit percentages.

What can you do: Are you concerned that you won’t be able to provide laptops, even smartphones to new employees or summer interns? We can help keep your business running. We have a large portfolio of equipment in-stock and ready to deliver.

We rent laptops (PC and Mac), iPads, tablets and smartphones. Our technical team can custom-configure the rental equipment to your company standards and remotely manage to guarantee your business doesn’t miss a beat.

Cancellations of Events/Conferences

Concerns about the spread of the virus have led many event organizers to cancel major global events across every industry from technology, design, hospitality to fashion. In fact, the CERAWeek energy conference in Houston scheduled to start on March 9th has been canceled, and the Game Developers Conference set to take place in San Francisco between March 16 and 20 has been postponed.

Clearly, this is an expensive and logistical headache for event planning professionals. It also represents a significant loss for the industries they represent, the organizers and the participants.

What can you do: With the potential health risk for event and conference attendees, what can be done instead of face-to-face meetings? There is an excellent alternative – host a virtual meeting. Creating a virtual meeting or livestreaming an event allows organizers to put on their event as planned without risking anyone’s well-being in the process.

In addition to developing a plan for putting together a unique, creative online experience, event planners need to understand the basic equipment needed for online live streaming.

Employee Travel Limitations

Due to the virus outbreak, many companies have banned all non-essential business travel (international and domestic) for employees, and some are encouraging people to work from home. In fact, Twitter announced it would suspend all "non-critical business travel events," including CEO Jack Dorsey's planned keynote at the South by Southwest conference. Google is another company that has implemented policy curbing employee travel.

What can you do: It is critical to your business that employees have an opportunity to interact in a safe environment. That’s why it is important to have the necessary tools for employees to work remotely. Some of the tools organizations should consider include: renting videoconferencing equipment, hosting online meetings, chat and mobile collaborations. All of this is a  way to offer a safe alternative to in-person meetings.

Protect your Business with Technology Rentals

We are interested in helping you protect your business and employees. We have a large portfolio of equipment in-stock and ready to deliver. Not only can we rent you the technology gear and wireless internet but we can custom configure to your company standards and remotely manage to ensure your business continues to be operationally efficient and productive.

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