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Productivity Tips for Business and Events

Productivity Tips for Business and Events

With Labor Day just around the corner, it’s a perfect time to honor the contributions of employees, and highlight some of the ways technology can also help enhance their productivity in the workplace or their engagement at events.

Tips for the Workplace

Replace your Technology

If your business hasn’t replaced its technology recently, it may be affecting your employees’ productivity. It’s time to learn the five reasons why it’s time to replace your technology to help your staff be motivated and productive.

Encourage Using Apps

Businesses and employees are always looking for ways to be more productive. From handling emails more efficiently or helping with project management, Fast Company has identified 7 apps to consider. Let’s take a closer look at these productivity apps and evaluate their platform and costs for your business.

Tips for Meetings & Events

Understand AI’s Role

Microsoft has its vision of the meeting room of the future. It’s important to learn the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in meetings and understand what your business needs to do to prepare for the meeting room of the future.

Engage Attendees

Better planning is the key to helping attendees make connections at events. Check out the specific ideas and checklists that event planners need to do before, during and after events that help engage attendees.

Featured Products

Business Laptop

When tasked with evaluating laptops for your organization, it is important to consider nine key elements to make sure you choose the right business laptop rental for your employees.

iPads for the Workplace

Still not convinced that your company and employees could benefit from using iPads? Check out these 4 real world examples of how businesses are successfully using iPads and see if they can enhance your staff’s productivity.

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