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Product Review: New Microsoft Surface Pro

Product Review: New Microsoft Surface Pro

Last May, Microsoft announced the 5th version of their Surface Pro, simply called the New Surface Pro. This blog post will summarize the reviews of PCMag.com (the New Pro is an Editors’ Choice) and TechRadar (it is part of their recommended award), as well as, information provided from the Microsoft website, itself.

At first glance, the New Surface Pro looks just like the Surface Pro 4 because it is the same size, weight, screen size, resolution and has the same port connections as the 4. The biggest feature differences:  it does not come standard with the pen, the Type Cover has new colors and the Surface Dial now works with the New Pro.

New Microsoft Surface Features

Intel Core i7 Processor with Iris Plus 640 Graphics

With this processor, it almost doubles the performance compared to the Surface Pro 4, allowing for potential increased productivity in the workplace.

Improved Battery Life

According to PC Magazine testers, the battery life is just shy of 14 hours, which is a 55% improvement over the Pro 4’s battery life. It does have a 20% larger battery than the Pro 4.

Improved Kickstand

This Surface Pro reclines to a 165-degree angle, which is a 15-degree improvement over the Pro 4, allowing it to lay almost flat.

Improved Surface Pen

The new Surface Pen has stronger magnets to hold onto the tablet, has a 4x improvement in pressure sensitivity, and has an inking latency of 21 milliseconds, thus giving artists and individuals in the entertainment industry much more granular control when creating images.  The pen also supports tilt detection.

Bottom Line on Hybrid Tablet

The New Surface Pro is a practical and worthwhile update especially for Windows users looking for a flexible, hybrid device. With its increased speed and battery life, it is a perfect rental option for events and should also be considered when it is time to replace laptops in the corporate environment. Lastly, with the new kickstand and pen improvements, this device will take the arts and entertainment industries by storm for those individuals already using the Windows platform.

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