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Product Review: Microsoft Surface Studio & Dial

Product Review: Microsoft Surface Studio & Dial

Microsoft nailed this product announcement last week and is now, by many, considered to be a serious player in the entertainment industry. Some reviewers have been so bold to say that Microsoft and Apple have traded places in terms of announcing fresh, innovative technology.

Here are facts (as I see them) and then you decide.

What is the Surface Studio and Dial?

The Surface Studio is an ultra-thin, 28” PixelSense™ Display that can be used upright or angled with the chrome hinge that pushes the touchscreen down to a 20-degree angle. What is PixelSense? It offers higher than 4K resolution and a 10-bit color depth which means there are no discernible pixels from any distance thus allowing the user the same viewing experience as someone several feet away.

The Surface Dial does just that; it dials a radial menu of tools, making it easier and faster to support a user’s workflow. It also uses haptic feedback through the aluminum body of the dial into the user’s fingertips, which helps the user “feel” the creative process.

Who will use this device?

In the entertainment industry: illustrators, artists, designers and video game developers.

For corporations: draftsman and architects.

In general:  any business professional that has a need for tools such as the digital pen, mouse, finger and dial. Since this product works on the Windows 10 platform and with the Office 365 suite of products, it is perfect for a trainer who wishes to make notes on a PowerPoint presentation or a property developer who wants to show a visual concept to an investor.

Why use it over Apple products?

That will be the question of the day.

Will the entertainment industry, that has been traditionally Apple-centric, join forces with Microsoft? Many of the reviews I read said this is a real possibility as it is perceived that Apple is not making enough innovations in this arena.

I think it is much more likely to gain market share with corporations first, who traditionally use Office. The ability to collaborate between the Surface Pro, Hub and Studio is a breeze. In addition, since all documents are stored in Microsoft’s OneDrive, their cloud system, users can see all ideas and comments on a real-time basis.

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