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Pro Tablet Showdown: iPad versus Surface

Pro Tablet Showdown: iPad versus Surface

Every so often, it is wise to assess the attributes of tablets and see if there are any enhancements that may sway you in switching technologies. This is especially important as you look to retire old computers and must budget for their replacements in the upcoming fiscal year.

Today, let’s take a deeper dive into the latest iPad Pro and Surface Pro products. You be the judge about which tablet makes the most sense for your company.

Pro Tablet Findings

Operating System

The Surface Pro runs Windows 10 Pro while the iPad Pro runs iOS 10. These are very different operating systems and each supports a different set of apps. Windows is heavily entrenched in the corporate world while Apple is used widely used in the education and entertainment industries.

Recommendations: Take an inventory of your computers and map out how each user interacts electronically with others. If you are unsure of which platform to choose, rent iPad Pro or Surface Pro tablet rental and set up a learning lounge for employees to test both.


This should be part of your key decision criteria. In other words, “What are we going to do with this piece of nice hardware?”

Understandably, the Surface Pro runs the full version of Office software and gives a user the most robust features within each product. In addition, most individuals that use Windows based apps, rely on a mouse and keyboard to fully utilize the applications.

The iPad Pro can run Office, but since this version is built on iOS, it is not as robust at the native version. However, because the iPad Pro is designed for touch-based computers and many apps move up and down the Apple line, there a many more apps with this hardware than the Surface.

Recommendation: Figure out what apps you need to run your business and stick with the platform that best supports those apps.


With the threat of viruses like WannaCry and ransomware demands on multiple companies of every size, having secure computer systems is an important consideration. Because iOS is a closed system, by default, it is less vulnerable to threats. On the other end of the spectrum, Windows is an open system, which makes it vulnerable especially with outdated versions of the operating system and apps.

Recommendation: Regardless of which platform you choose, it is important to keep your operating system, apps and antivirus software up-to-date to thwart off any cyberattacks.


The Surface uses the Intel Core i7 processor which performs better because they have more cache (great for repetitive tasks), higher clock speed and hyper-threading (for faster multitasking) than the i5 processor. 

The iPad uses the A10X processor which is a variant of the A10.  Apple claims that it has 30 percent faster CPU performance and 40 percent faster GPU performance than its predecessor, the A9X.

Recommendation: No clear winner here. Both systems are very fast.


The Surface has a Mini DisplayPort for an external monitor, full-sized USB 3.0 port. It can support a Surface Dock which has two Mini Display Ports, Gigabit Ethernet, four USB 3.0 ports, and an audio out. The Surface also has a microSD card slot.

The iPad Pro has one Lightning port and requires the use of other adapters if you want to physically connect to other devices.

Recommendation: Know how many devices the user needs to be physically connected to and choose accordingly.


The iPad Pro has storage options ranging from 64 to 512 GB. The Surface Pro starts at 128 GB and goes up to 1 TB.

Recommendation: For those users who require a lot of storage, the Surface Pro is the clear winner.

Battery Life

In a video streaming test completed by CNET, the iPad Pro lasted for 15-1/2 hours while the Surface Pro lasted for 8-1/2 hours.

Recommendation: For those users who plan on using the device away from electrical outlets for several hours, the iPad Pro wins hands down.

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